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  • The best ways to save on groceries in 2018

    Consumers have noticed over recent years that fewer and fewer newspaper coupons are for food. The lack of food coupons is such a source of frustration for families that many have abandoned couponing altogether. But I’m here to encourage you to come back to using them this year with some of the best ways to save on groceries in 2018. More

  • Ways to save money in the New Year

    It’s a new year, and, as always we like to find ways you can kick off the year with new ways to save money. With shoppers spending an average of $967.13 this recent holiday season, up 3.4 percent from last year, January is the perfect time to find ways to save money and start paying off holiday bills. More

  • 13 fun and inexpensive ways to crush boredom

    Following the whirlwind of the holidays, there can be a bit of a let-down. Suddenly, there is less to do. And even though adults look forward to the slower pace, kids can get bored. So here are 13 fun and inexpensive ways to crush boredom. More

  • How to keep the giving spirit alive

    Throughout the holiday season, we’re offered countless chances to give. We’re reminded by mailers, bell ringers, requests from non-profits, and more.But once the lights are down and the ornaments are packed away, it can be easy to forget that organizations continue to need our help, especially going into the cold winter months. Here are some suggestions on how to keep the giving spirit alive after the holidays. More

  • Fun things to do during the holidays

    The kids are off from school and you likely have plans for the days right around Christmas but what about just before and just after? Taking the time to slow down a bit and fit in some fun can make all the difference between a stressful and a sparkling holiday season. Here are 12 fun things to do during the holidays. More

  • Last minute gifts that aren’t a gift card

    Whether you still need gifts because you haven’t had time to finish your shopping or you just don’t know what to buy, having last minute gifts to give can be tricky. Of course, you can always go for the ever-popular gift card or cash but what if you want something a bit more personal? Here are 8 ideas for last minute gifts that aren’t a gift card. More

  • Save money – make quick and easy breakfast foods

    A family on the go every morning can go through a lot of cereal and milk and granola bars in a week. And that can get expensive. But what if you could make large batches of the homemade versions of popular breakfast foods and save money? Here are 7 suggestions for how to make quick and easy breakfast foods your family will love and still get out the door on time every morning. More

  • How to ignore shrewd credit card offers and avoid new debt

    During holiday shopping, credit card companies are hard at work. They’ve built huge, successful businesses on the fact that, despite sincerest and best intentions, most people lose track of how much they’ve charged and do not pay off their balance before interest begins to accrue. More

  • Black Friday roundup of the best deals

    I have been offering Black Friday tips and deals to audiences for over 10 years now and I’ve seen the progression of ‘Black Friday’ go from truly being an all-out humongous one-day shopping spree to pretty much a month-long event. You might even say that it’s more of a ‘season’ than an event. More

  • How to get quality clothing for less

    I wouldn’t be the Savings Angel guy if I wasn’t always looking to get quality for less. Clothing is no exception! When you have growing kids that continually need a different clothing size, there’s nothing better than shopping consignment and thrift stores. More

  • Leaked Black Friday ads – now is the best time to start shopping

    Many retailers have already leaked Black Friday ads so now is the best time to start shopping. Why? Because with all the leaked ads, you can comparison shop before all the shopping frenzy begins. Here are 7 ways to use leaked Black Friday ads to your advantage to snag amazing savings both on and even before Black Friday next week. More

  • WinWin

    7 excellent reasons you want to order groceries online

    More and more stores are offering the convenience of online grocery shopping with either curbside pickup or full delivery right to your door. And even though there is a service fee involved, here are 7 excellent reasons you want to order groceries online More

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