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  • Best buys you want to look for in April

    April is one of those in-between months where retailers can’t rely on a big holiday to bring shoppers in. So there is a nice variety of deals to look for while you’re out shopping. This list of best buys in April is just a few of the highlights that you’ll want to look for.

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    The best in coupon savings April 2018

    A new assortment of printable grocery coupons for April 2018! Grab your coupons here from Hopster,, SmartSource, Red Plum, and SavingStar. Save more on groceries by printing and using more coupons!

  • 4 Ways to Save Money with Store Brands

    Name brand products are heavily advertised, so it’s no wonder that many people are brand loyal. However, name brands are not always inherently better or higher quality than store brands and switching to store brands can save you a whole lot of money. That’s why I have 4 ways to save money with store brands…

  • When are Organics Worth the Extra Money?

    Healthy eating habits are important for the long-term health of your family, and healthy foods can even save you money on medical bills in the long-term. One aspect of healthy eating is purchasing and consuming organic products, but organic produce often puts a strain on the average family’s grocery budget.

  • 7 Batch Cooking secrets for quick and affordable dinners

    In today’s fast-paced world, most people stress daily about what’s for dinner. One way to solve this stress is to start batch cooking. You can batch cook for any meal of the day, and it’s an easy way to save money and time. Here are seven batch cooking secrets for quick and affordable dinners:

  • How to avoid costly repairs to your car

    During cold weather, it’s easy to neglect your vehicle and push it without giving it the love are care you should. Here are six car maintenance things to do now to avoid costly repairs to your car later.

  • How to lose weight and keep it off for good

    How to lose weight and keep it off for good. As a client of My Body Tutor (MBT) I had the privilege of talking with the founder and owner of MBT Adam Gilbert. We discussed why My Body Tutor works and how it works. And, I might add, I love how this program works.

  • Making the most of gift cards

    Whether you use gift cards as the actual gift or as a way to save money on your Valentine’s Day gifts and plans, here are tips for making the most of gift cards.

  • Remarkable savings and deals for Valentine’s Day in Orlando

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a romantic weekend in Orlando offers unique and affordable ways to celebrate. We’ve collected special deals for the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend, from hotel packages and romantic dinners to couples’ massages and sunset airboat tours.

  • The best ways to save on groceries in 2018

    Consumers have noticed over recent years that fewer and fewer newspaper coupons are for food. The lack of food coupons is such a source of frustration for families that many have abandoned couponing altogether. But I’m here to encourage you to come back to using them this year with some of the best ways to save on groceries in 2018.