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  • How to ignore shrewd credit card offers and avoid new debt

    During holiday shopping, credit card companies are hard at work. They’ve built huge, successful businesses on the fact that, despite sincerest and best intentions, most people lose track of how much they’ve charged and do not pay off their balance before interest begins to accrue.

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    Black Friday roundup of the best deals

    I have been offering Black Friday tips and deals to audiences for over 10 years now and I’ve seen the progression of ‘Black Friday’ go from truly being an all-out humongous one-day shopping spree to pretty much a month-long event. You might even say that it’s more of a ‘season’ than an event.

  • How to get quality clothing for less

    I wouldn’t be the Savings Angel guy if I wasn’t always looking to get quality for less. Clothing is no exception! When you have growing kids that continually need a different clothing size, there’s nothing better than shopping consignment and thrift stores.

  • 7 excellent reasons you want to order groceries online

    More and more stores are offering the convenience of online grocery shopping with either curbside pickup or full delivery right to your door. And even though there is a service fee involved, here are 7 excellent reasons you want to order groceries online

  • How to know if Black Friday deals are really deals

    Black Friday is just a couple weeks away and things are already on sale left and right. As people shop, they’ve asked me, “How can I know if the deals are really deals?” To answer this question, I’ll use two shopping categories, electronics and clothing as examples.

  • Ways to save by starting your Christmas shopping now

    As a huge advocate of saving every penny you can, I want to encourage you to start your Christmas shopping NOW. The benefits of less stress, better selection, and more competitive pricing are all pretty compelling against wanting to wait until it feels more Christmas-y.

  • Why one lucky couple received a jackpot of Swagbucks

    This past month, Swagbucks announced that it has paid out more than $200 million in cash and free gift card rewards to its members. To commemorate this important event, Swagbucks gave away 1 million Swagbucks points ($10,000 equivalent).

  • Josh shares orlando best deals

    How to save money in Orlando attractions & hotels this fall

    How to save money in Orlando this fall Summer tourists season is finally over! The weather is showing signs of cooling down. If you live in Orlando or are planning a trip to Orlando, there are plenty of bargains that come around this time of year that may be too good to pass up. Anyone […]