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Josh Elledge is the Chief Executive Angel of - Consumer Advocate, Journalist, and Expert on money savings and time management issues. He is a syndicated columnist, and tv and radio personality.
Josh Elledge is the Chief Executive Angel of – Consumer Advocate, Journalist, and Expert on money savings and time management issues. He is a syndicated columnist, and tv and radio personality. Click for print-resolution version.

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About Josh Elledge


Josh Elledge Consumer Savings Expert and Founder/Chief Executive Angel,®

Josh Elledge is on a mission to help Americans save money and time so they can give. He is Founder and Chief Executive Angel of®, which was created to bolster the buying power of the average U.S. family by combining technology, coupons and smart thinking for extreme savings on household consumables and everyday items.

Through his work with, Elledge has emerged as one of the nation's leading experts on consumer savings.

Elledge launched SavingsAngel, Inc. from his Holland, Michigan, home in 2007. Like most Americans, he wanted to reduce his family's grocery bill; armed with a background in information technology and internet development, he did just that. Elledge's technologic tinkering cut his family of five's monthly grocery bill by half, to $300, and created®.

Since then, Elledge has shared his successful couponing and savings expertise with hundreds of thousands of families, both online, in person as a dynamic public speaker, and through his weekly appearances as an expert on Fox 35 Orlando and News 13, as a weekly syndicated columnist for nine newspapers (with total readership above 1.1 million readers), and on a number of radio and TV stations across the country (57 in total). All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 1,500 times!

In April 2014, the SavingsAngel podcast launched to rave reviews and instant success. By the third week, it was already featured as the number one shopping podcast in iTunes. Today, this is the #1 ranked consumer & savings podcast on the planet! On a regular basis, Elledge shares tips for earning and saving money through better consumer choices and product discovery.

The Michigan native's exuberance and natural curiosity have fueled his life's work as a journalist, technology specialist, entrepreneur and service-oriented family man. Elledge served in the US Navy and earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in family science/therapy from Brigham Young University.

Passionate about his family, physical fitness (an avid fitness geek and marathon runner), and performing improv comedy, Elledge now resides in Orlando with his wife and three children.


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Male consumer brand spokesperson SMT satellite media tour pitch person female audience
Josh Elledge – – Male consumer brand spokesperson SMT satellite media tour pitch person for female audience

Consumer Spokesperson

Josh Elledge is an energetic, female-friendly male spokesperson who has been representing consumer brands to a female audience for nearly a decade. With his background in marketing, husband & dad-awesomeness, improv comedy, and consumer expert & advocacy, he delivers consumer behavior that meets all brand & marketing objectives!

A solid pro in this industry, Josh has worked as a journalist, consumer expert, marketing and public relations consultant, and successful entrepreneur. He's also appeared on TV & radio more than 1000 times – including national and major market outlets! Today, he regularly appears in a regular consumer segment in 57 TV markets. Josh has written a syndicated consumer newspaper column to over a million readers for six years. In each media segment, he focuses on serving consumer audiences – helping them make smart buying decisions.

Josh is available for travel, crazy-early hours, and high-fives at lunch. He thrives at explaining return on investment from great purchases – whether it's a value-based offer – or how to get 4 & 5-star experiences at 2 & 3-star prices. He's represented every type of consumer product, simple financial products & services, insurance, health & weight-loss, travel & tourism, and services designed to save consumers money.

Watch Josh on the SavingsAngel youtube channel to see some of his consumer work.

Email Josh directly:


Speaker Information

Josh Elledge brand spokesperson for satellite media toursJosh Elledge is a dynamic and entertaining consumer expert who focuses on the day to day spending habits of Americans and showing folks how to get more lifestyle on a fixed income. He's spoken hundreds of times at Home shows, Women's Expos, and to church groups, non-profits, organizations, and companies. He's taken the stage in front of groups as large as 1200 and is ready to smash that record with your organization.



– Consumer strategies for saving and getting more upgrades in life
– Any specific topic found in our eCourse library
– Entrepreneurialism
– How to use improv comedy skills for personal and professional success (GREAT for workshop)
– How to make lots of money podcasting.
– Why bloggers and other companies should start podcasting.
– How I've generated millions of dollars in free advertising with no PR team.
– How to get your business in the media. See: my other company:
– How to create a PR-savvy organization.
– My story of losing 60 pounds and running a marathon. (Okay – everyone has this one).
Let's chat (Contact me above) so I can show you the return on investment I will bring at your next event. Yes, although I live in Orlando, FL. I travel.


Interviewer Resources

Bio talking points

  • Syndicated columnist to 1.1 million readers, syndicated TV segment host to more than 40 tv stations, Fox 35 & Central FL news 13 consumer expert, popular podcast host (#1 shopping/savings lifestyle podcast on the planet).
  • My business success – growing an organization that has been as large as over 50 employees.
  • How I was able to generate over 5 million dollars in free advertising for SavingsAngel.
  • How I became a consumer expert.
  • I teach psychology of getting the results you want – rather than just money and time savings tips.
  • How I lost over 55 pounds in one year and…
  • How I went from obesity to running a marathon in one year.
  • Lessons from improv comedy that we can all use for personal success.
  • How companies can do their own PR and skyrocket their sales by serving audiences.


Sample interview questions

  • “What are the most important things consumers should know if they want to cut their grocery bill in half?”
  • “Can't people just buy store brand products to save money?'
  • “Don't people save the most money by shopping at Walmart or warehouse clubs?'
  • “What are the most effective things I can do to cut my electricity bill?”
  • “How can I get the best deals for Christmas shopping? Back to School Shopping? (Ask me about any event).”
  • “How do you get the best deals on traveling?”
  • “Why do couples fight about finances – and what should they do instead?”
  • “How can people become luckier?”
  • “Why do you wake up at 5 am every day?”
  • “How did you go from following a career path in family science/therapy to becoming a consumer expert and Internet entrepreneur?”
  • “In your years of experience, what have you seen consumers continually make mistakes with?”




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