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  • anxiety

    Podcast 260 – The 3 Most Effective Ways to Crush Anxiety

    Everyone gets hit with anxiety at some point or another. Surprise! You’re not alone. In my work as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, it sometimes feels as though anxiety is an epidemic. The good news is that anxiety is entirely treatable. I see two main categories of anxiety with clients: short-lived and chronic. More

  • Hot

    You Can Save Now on Kratom From Socratic Solutions

    One type of traditional medicine is known as Kratom. Historically, it was used to improve mood, decrease musculoskeletal pain, and increase energy. In recent years is has been used to help with chronic pain management for those who are cycling the use of opioids. If you are interested in Kratom, Socratic Solutions is the retailer for you. More

  • Colorado

    258 – My Family Vacation to Colorado Springs

    LISTEN TO THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR SHOPPING PODCAST! Listen on: Apple – Stitcher – Spotify – Google Play – IHeart Radio – Castbox – Roku – TuneIn – RSSSay: “Hey, Siri / Alexa. Play The SavingsAngel Show Podcast.” Listen to this episode: More

  • back to school freebies


    10 Freebies To Make Back To School More Affordable and Fun

    With all the expenses of back to school, family budgets could use a break. If you’re seeing dollar signs every time you think about back to school, I’ve rounded up 10 freebies to make back to school more affordable and fun. And these aren’t just school supplies! More

  • SavingsAngel Show with Josh Elledge

    Trending Hot

    257 – Tips For the Best Yard Sale Ever – Things You Need To Know About College

    Podcast 257 – During the nice summer months when everyone is out and about, is a perfect time of the year to make some money with a yard sale. But we don’t stop there and have put together our best tips whether you are a yard sale seller or buyer. Plus my special guest today is one you don’t want to miss if you have kids that intend to go to college now or later. You’ll want to hear the nuggets of wisdom that he has to share. More

  • Hot

    How to Save on Back to School

    Although their survey results vary, one thing is clear: both the National Retail Federation and Deloitte agree that spending will be higher this year during back to school. No worries, we’re here to help you save in ways you may not have thought about. More

  • Christmas in July: Save Big Now for the Holidays

    The tradition of Christmas in July started over 85 years ago. Sales abound throughout July and into August. Now is the time to save big for the holidays by buying and squirreling gifts away. Here are some specific things to watch for. More

  • fake reviews

    How to Spot Fake Reviews and Skewed Ratings

    The old adage “Don’t believe everything you read” has taken on an ever-shifting life of its own. In today’s marketplace, we seek out online reviews and ratings to guide us in nearly every purchase decision we make. Unfortunately, reviews and ratings can be fake and skewed, and therefore, misleading. More

  • SavingsAngel Show with Josh Elledge

    255 – How To Fight With Your Spouse

    Podcast 255 – Today I’m introducing my awesome wife, Jenny Elledge, a very accomplished licensed marriage and family therapist here in Orlando, Florida. Everybody has conflict and that’s pretty normal. Listen as Jenny explains how to go about resolving conflict. More

  • summer education loss

    How to prevent summer education loss

    School’s out… and that means that summer education loss (aka summer slide) has begun. Yes, parents, your children may have already forgotten some of what they learned in the classroom. But students that complete even just a few hours a week of learning over summer vacation can beat the summer slide. So you need a plan. More

  • SmartSmart

    How to Prevent Summer Savings Slumps

    Dwarfed only by holiday splurging, summer spending can really add up. Between events, vacations, back to school shopping and lazy summer days, even savvy shoppers can get a bit lax. Here are 6 ideas for how to prevent summer savings slumps.

  • Kygo

    The Best Gloves with Dexterity & Durability for Your Hands

    Whether man or woman, these working gloves are for any hands that work! KAYGO Work Gloves provide the level of dexterity and durability suited to a wide variety of applications and work environments while shielding your hands from potential injury. Take advantage of our limited time exclusive offer and save 10% now! More

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