9 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Fun

Save Big This Halloween!

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9 Ways to Save Big on Halloween Fun


In recent months, brides have made the news by throwing elaborate weddings on the cheap. Their two secrets?

Shopping online for the bulk of the things they need and being flexible.

You may not have any girls in your house that want to be a bride for Halloween but you can use these same techniques.

Here are 9 ways to save big on Halloween fun!


1.) Set a budget.

We think of having a budget for holidays such as Christmas, or even Thanksgiving, but not necessarily Halloween.

However, without one, you can spend more than you thought you did and more than you should have. Little touches here and there and having “the best” candy adds up fast.

Before you even begin, figure out a reasonable budget and divide it up by categories: costumes, decorations, and handouts (candy).

If you also plan to host a party this year, you’ll need a party-specific budget as well. Setting a budget helps you save by focusing your attention on getting the essentials and not overspending on the “extras” you don’t truly need.



2.) Make a plan.

If you are hosting a party, you especially need a plan. But even if you’re just doing the standard Halloween things, such as a few costumes and some candy, you still need a plan.

The earlier you know what costumes you’re needing (or making), the better. It will allow you to shop around and compare prices for any elements you don’t already have at home.

Similarly, the sooner you narrow down what you’ll have to hand out (candy or stickers or whatever you choose), the longer you have to watch for the best deal.



3.) Shop very early.

The further ahead of October 31 you shop and plan, the less you’ll spend.

Lower-priced goods sell out quickly, especially online, so get your items ordered now.

Amazon.com is always a popular choice for Halloween costumes and supplies but there are others to check as well, such as Oriental Trading Company (orientaltrading.com).



4.) Use what you already have.

Don’t spend on new costumes unless you can get them for next to nothing.

To really save, pick something that is easily and inexpensively portrayed, with just a few elements.

For inspiration, peruse YouTube.com and Pinterest.com. Then check what you already have on-hand before shopping for anything.

You may find that you can easily pull something together by spending nothing at all!



5.) Get creative.

If you don’t have everything you need already at home, get creative.

Hit secondhand stores and the dollar store first, to stay inexpensive. Make it your goal to pull together looks for $5 or less.

Think witty, old-fashioned, and homemade. Focus on costume ideas where you won't need every piece of clothing to be specific. Remember, it’s about fun, not name brand fashion.



6.) Don't overbuy.

Overbuying candy is a Halloween danger to your budget.

You may be nervous you’ll run out of candy but you need to guard your budget, not treat the whole city. Buy an estimated amount, and stick to one piece per person.



7.) Pay little for your handouts.

Getting a good deal doesn’t make you a cheapskate. It makes you smart. Besides, the less you spend per piece, the more pieces you can purchase.

To pay as little as possible while still maintaining quality handouts, consider smaller pieces of candy, or even going with a non-candy idea. Shop both online and in-store.



8.) Be flexible.

Whether we’re talking about what costumes you create or in the candy you give away, flexibility results in saving money.

Insistence on a specific costume or a particular kind of candy only works if it’s within your budget. If you’re finding it difficult to stay on budget, change up your plans.

You’ll still have fun and not regret overspending come November 1st.



9.) Think outside Halloween themed.

This rule will save you both in any party planning as well as in the items you give away.

Buying items that are not Halloween themed can save you big money in two ways:

1. You can reuse items that are not themed. (Such as platters and even some decorations.)

2. You can often find lower prices on items that are not themed, especially when shopping online.

One example, at the time of this writing, Walmart.com has “Hershey’s All-Time Greats” snack size Halloween candy bags, 100 pieces for $14.74. These candies have been specially packaged with Halloween themed wrappers.

However, you can purchase the regularly wrapped “Hershey’s All-Time Greats” snack-size bag, with 105 pieces for $11.68. That’s a savings of nearly 21%, plus you get 5 more pieces – and it is the same exact candy.