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  • How You Can Protect What Matters Most (Video!)

    Due to our regular use of technology, we all know a certain amount of our personal information is shared and available in “public directories”. We just don’t realize how much of our unregulated personal information is available to anyone and everyone who is willing to pay for it. However, there is a solution and we can protect what matters most. More

  • 9 Ways Christmas Shopping Now Really Helps You

    I’ve always been a big advocate of shopping early for Christmas because of all the benefits. It not only helps you financially, but it can also help a lot emotionally. Here are 9 ways Christmas shopping now really helps you. More

  • josh elledge savingsangel podcast

    223 – Affordable Fun Times Your Family Will Love and More!

    In this SavingsAngel podcast I’m sharing a huge list of fun things you can do with your family during this Fall season including my visit to Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream with my son Ethan. Plus how a busy family like mine can put dinner on the table in a flash and more! More

  • WinWin

    Exciting News From SeaWorld I Think You’ll Love

    I just received word that SeaWorld is unveiling a new Annual Pass program with more benefits and new lower prices, about 30% lower! That’s huge! This new Annual Pass has the benefits you’ll want most, such as unlimited admission, parking, free guest tickets, in-park discounts and more. More

  • Inexpensive Fall Fun For Your Family To Enjoy

    Fall is a time of family togetherness but it can go by much too quickly if we don’t intentionally make plans. With just a handful of weekends before winter comes, I thought I’d give you some suggestions for ways to make family memories. More

  • josh elledge savingsangel podcast

    222 – Time And Money Savings For An Abundant Life

    In my latest SavingsAngel podcast I’m sharing some surefire ways you can save on everyday purchases, my review of a meal delivery service I’ve been trying, and how I’ve been able to catch up on my reading in a short amount of time. More

  • 9 Smart Ways to Save Money on Everyday Purchases

    We think and plan how to save on large purchases, comparing prices and researching options. But what about small, everyday things? When you can save on all the things that you routinely buy, the total savings can really add up over the course of a month. More

  • josh elledge savingsangel podcast

    221 – What You Can Do To Be More Productive

    In my latest SavingsAngel podcast I’ll be giving you the down low on how you can regain control of distractions that thwart your productivity, consignment shopping at it’s best especially for back to school clothes, and a brand new game I’ve just discovered. More

  • How to store, refresh and re-purpose foods to save big money

    When food items have gone stale, limp, or have otherwise become unpalatable, we tend to just throw them away. And if food is not stored properly, this can happen rather quickly. Stop this loss by knowing how to store, refresh and re-purpose foods to save big money. More

  • SmartSmart

    How to Stop Wasting Time

    Leisurely activities have their place, but if they’re keeping you from being productive in your daily life, you can put a few habits in place to keep them from taking over your life. Here’s how to stop wasting time. More

  • josh elledge savingsangel podcast

    220 – Ways You Can Prepare For Disasters

    In my latest SavingsAngel podcast I’ll be chatting with you about Disaster preparedness – How I read 7 books during my regular routine using Blinkist – Making great memories with the help of Vivid Seats. More

  • How To Make Great Memories With The Help Of Vivid Seats

    Some of our most memorable experiences in life take place in a stadium or in a theater. But the prices of tickets can sometimes prevent us from making those memories and shaping our experiences. However, makes it easier and more affordable than ever before. More

  • Prepare For Natural Disasters – Now Is The Time

    Sadly, year after year, more and more natural disasters are happening all over the country and around the world. Each year, chooses weekly themes to promote and encourage all Americans to prepare adequately. This year’s weekly National Preparedness Month themes are: Make and practice your plan, Learn life-saving skills, Insurance coverage, and Save for an emergency. More

  • How to shop school needs and save the most money

    It’s back to school time all over the country – and, in fact, some areas have already gone back. Even if your kids have started back, chances are, you’ve not bought everything yet. So let me share with you how to shop school needs and save the most money. More

  • 7 Secrets to Successful Thrift Store Shopping

    Thrift stores can be a great source of inexpensive and one-of-a-kind items, from clothing to furniture to home decor. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty sorting through the trash to find treasures. With a few hints and tips, though, you can find success as a thrift store shopper. More

  • How to Protect Your Personal Information Online (Video!)

    These days, our whole lives seem to be online. From online banking to social media to online shopping, we have a lot of accounts, and each of these accounts contains personal information. It can be easy to lose track of what information is out there on your various accounts but you can keep your personal information private by following a few simple guidelines. More

  • Fundamental Skills to Easily Save Money

    In today’s modern society, we often depend on others to make or do things for us that our ancestors would have done themselves. While this is convenient, it always comes with a higher price tag. If you have the time and the patience, learning some basic skills can save you a lot of money. More

  • Your Tax-Free Weekend Is Coming Up Floridians

    Get The Lowdown On Back To School Savings – Floridians have 2 times a year when they can save big during tax-free weekends. One is during Hurricane season (not my favorite) and the other is coming up now, our back to school tax-free weekend. This year the fun begins Friday, August 3, 2018, and runs through Sunday, August 5, 2018. More

  • How to Save Money on Moving Costs

    Moving can cause a lot of stress, and you don’t want to add money stress to the mix. While moving can be expensive, you can reduce your moving costs by following a few simple tips and tricks. More

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