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  • A unique opportunity for fame and profit

    We’ve talked several times about the many benefits of being a USAA member. This time, we have a unique opportunity for fame and profit to pass on to you. You may be aware that USAA uses real members with real stories in their television commercials. Right now they’re looking for members who would want to share their unique stories…

  • Why one lucky couple received a jackpot of Swagbucks

    This past month, Swagbucks announced that it has paid out more than $200 million in cash and free gift card rewards to its members. To commemorate this important event, Swagbucks gave away 1 million Swagbucks points ($10,000 equivalent).

  • How to start home side hustles that really pay

    Whether you want to stay home with your kids, have the goal to pay all cash for Christmas this year, or you just plain need more money every month – I’ve got six ideas for how to start home side hustles that really pay.

  • Color Your Income with a Little Extra Green

    Call us Captain Obvious, but when it comes to saving more, it ultimately comes down to making more—and sometimes one source of income isn’t enough. Here are a few ways to supplement your income, or build a whole new one.

  • Get fit for summer and earn cash back from Swagbucks

    Get fit for summer and earn cash back from Swagbucks Are you looking for a way to lose weight, keep it off and earn cash back? Right now, if you sign up for The Mayo Clinic Diet, the official weight-loss plan from the experts at The Mayo Clinic, you can earn up to 2,100 SB! […]

  • Are you ready for an easy way to earn more?

    As a fan of SavingsAngel, you’re already familiar with the popular rebate app Ibotta. Our store lists include the Ibotta rebate info on hundreds of items each week. What you may not know is that Ibotta has just released a new app making it easier than ever to earn more.

  • how-to-be-smart-with-money

    How to be smart with money

    It’s time to silence that voice inside your head which constantly wonders, “how am I going to make this happen? How am I going to get ahead?”

  • 15 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

    Most people like the idea of being able to make extra money from home. By thinking a bit outside the box, it’s easier than ever today to find a way to generate extra income.