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  • how-to-be-smart-with-money

    How to be smart with money

    It’s time to silence that voice inside your head which constantly wonders, “how am I going to make this happen? How am I going to get ahead?”

  • You’ll love this practical and amazingly easy meal plan

    There’s one part of my family’s busy day that I’m sure everyone can relate to. It’s the, “what’s for dinner” syndrome. To help with that I have found a very workable solution for my family with Erin Chase’s $5 Meal Plan.

  • Why you need to know and understand your credit score

    Do you know and understand your credit score? Many people I talk to have no idea. It’s something that is easy to overlook until you run into some kind of issue. Sometimes by then, it ends up becoming a problem that is costly, time-consuming, and difficult to overcome.

  • How to get a more refreshing restful sleep

    It’s very common today for people to look for a more refreshing restful sleep than what they’re getting. I know I was. I was experiencing shoulder pain, a sore neck, my arms were falling asleep, and in general just not getting a good night’s rest. That all changed when I got my Leesa mattress.

  • The best pillow I’ve ever owned in my life

    My quest for 2017 has been committed to having a better night sleep. Between headaches, waking up during the night, and generally not sleeping well, I needed to find a solution.

  • Awesome home loss prevention and safety advice from an expert

    Another segment to buying and selling a home during winter covers the important topic of home loss prevention and safety. What advice would be beneficial to both buyers and sellers? USAA’s Senior Underwriter in loss prevention and safety, Melanie Hart, provides us with some answers.

  • sea world discovery cove interview

    You can have an affordable, amazing day at Discovery Cove

    Discovery Cove is a unique all-inclusive resort, more so than a theme park or zoo. Instead of watching a show, you are part of the show. Here you’ll make the kind of memories and once in a lifetime experiences you can have with your family and friends.