9 Reasons Not to Overlook Back to School Supply Deals

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School office supplies

School supplies have been free and almost free lately. But, do you overlook school supply savings because you don't have school age children anymore? Look again and don't pass up this opportunity!

There are so many uses for deals seen only this time of year. Keep an eye on our SavingsAngel blog for all the school supply deals that we post.

Office uses (Don't you use pens, paper, sticky-notes”¦?)

Household uses (Ditto)

Birthday party favors (Why buy chintzy toys that break and candy when there is already cake?)

Birthday gifts (Sound boring? Make it fun by filling a backpack or pencil case full, and throwing in some surprises like a candy bar and some lip gloss or balm.)

Christmas stocking stuffers (There's something nice about fresh supplies mid-year!)

Halloween hand-outs (Everyone will be giving candy, be different.)

Classroom supplies (Teachers often spend their own money throughout the year to keep classroom supplies up. Help and you'll definitely be “˜teacher's pet'.)

Donations (Each year, dozens of schools and churches give away backpacks filled with supplies, and help is always appreciated.)

Craft supplies (For you or for the kids).

Being creative and unique can save hundreds before the end of this year alone!

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