What savings perks are you leaving on the table?

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What savings perks are you leaving on the table?

Remember when local businesses offered punch cards? Some still do but most have gone digital. With that change, what savings perks are you leaving on the table without even knowing it? You might be surprised.

Nearly every business offers rewards, incentives, and points in a digital format now. So if you used to forgo rewards because you didn’t want to carry around a bunch of cards, it’s time to get back in the rewards game. Start checking everywhere you spend money and you’re sure to find some hidden savings.

What savings perks are you leaving on the table?

Credit cards –

Credit cards aren’t a surprise but the key is to make sure you have a card that gives good rewards accumulation. If you haven’t checked in a while, it’s time to evaluate what your card provides versus others. A card that only offers 1% cash back, for example, takes a very long time to add up to much. (You have to spend $1000 to earn a mere $10.) With all the credit card competition out there, many have upped their game on what they offer. Others offer large upfront incentives to join as well.

Bonus Pro Tip: It’s in your best interest to make sure that if you pay any fees (such as an annual fee), that it’s not just wiping out your gains from using the card.

Gas stations –

Many chains offer rewards programs with loyalty cards you swipe at the pump. Alternatively, you can often use your phone number. Rewards can take a while to add up to much but you’re regularly buying gas anyway.

Bonus Pro Tip: Some chains also offer bonus point opportunities or work in conjunction with branded credit cards to offer savings on gasoline every time you fill up.

Restaurants –

One of the pioneers of the punch card, restaurants offer everything from birthday clubs to points programs. Visit enough times, get something free. A bonus with restaurants is that they usually just use your phone number. No need to carry any kind of card.

Bonus Pro Tip: Easily earn free food by checking the back of your receipt for survey opportunities.

Grocery and pharmacy stores –

The other pioneer of punch cards, grocery stores have their own rewards that have gotten pretty lucrative over the years. Most involve using their app and you usually need a loyalty card but you don’t always have to have it on hand. Many will use an alternative form of program id, such as your phone number or email address.

Bonus Pro Tip: Some chains give members free products on certain days or free “cash” to spend.

Hotel chains and travel companies –

Free nights or other perks can add up if you take advantage of offers and join their rewards programs. Desperate to compete, it’s become more common during the warmer months for chains to even offer a free night after only two or three stays. Rewards and points are routinely valid for an extended period of time (some never expire), so even if you don’t travel very often, it’s worth belonging.

Bonus Pro Tip: Other benefits such as extra points, free gift cards and more are even offered with every stay by some chains. On top of that, some offer better prices to rewards members or special offers such as free upgrades.

Airlines –

The “Members Only” lounge isn’t the only perk to airline rewards. Airline rewards are digitally connected, allowing members to earn both in the air and on the ground by partnering with other service providers. You could be earning toward travel by just shopping your favorite store.

Bonus Pro Tip: You may be able to earn even faster by combining with a related or branded credit card.

Retail stores (brick and mortar) –

Retail stores have offered rewards and members programs for years but people aren’t always aware they even exist because store-branded credit cards are pushed so heavily instead. But you can earn points towards free merchandise, as well as be made aware of special sales and coupons, just because you belong.

Bonus Pro Tip: Some stores even offer extra savings by joining via your mobile device while you’re standing right in the store. It’s can be as easy as texting to a special number.

Online retailers –

Typically presented in the form of being on their email list, it’s a great way to learn about promotions and offers, as well as save money. You are usually offered an incentive for joining. Typical offers such as free shipping or a percentage off and then coupons via email or even text. Of course, it’s easy for them to keep track of your rewards via the purchases you make online.

Bonus Pro Tip: Double-dip on points and rewards by also activating and earning with Swagbucks.com!

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Josh loves living in Orlando, FL with his wife and three children.

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