Whole Foods Market Coupon Policy

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Whole FoodsMarket is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, withstoresthroughout North America and the United Kingdom

Whole Foods Market Coupon Policy

We accept the following types of coupons:

  • Vendor coupons (provided that they are not intended or labeled for use at another establishment),
  • Whole Foods Market store coupons


  • Coupons may be printed at home in color or black and white as long as they are intended for home printing,
  • Coupons may be combined with sales and all other store discounts,
  • Whole Foods Market does not limit the number of coupons per transaction provided that the number of coupons does not exceed the number of products,
  • Coupons may be combined or “stacked” on one item as long as the combination is one vendor and one store coupon. More than one of the same coupons may never be used on one item.

The following coupons or procedures will not be accepted:

  • Photocopied or duplicated coupons,
  • Doubled or tripled coupons,
  • Altered or expired coupons,
  • Coupons that are not completely intact including missing expiration date or barcode.


  • Whole Foods Market does not match competitor prices or take competitor coupons.
  • If a product is “Buy One, Get One Free” and therefore free, a coupon may not be used for its purchase.
  • If the value of the coupon exceeds the value of the product the value of the coupon will be altered by the difference. No overages or cash back on coupons will be allowed.

Team or Store Leadership reserves the right to refuse a coupon if its authenticity cannot be validated.


Updated 12/7/11
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