Save More Money with 2018 Gift Card Deals

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Save More Money with 2018 Gift Card Deals

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The default gift for many giving occasions is a gift card. They’re convenient, one-size-fits-all, and most people are happy to receive them. Along with the ease of giving them, you can add another reason for buying gift cards: saving money. Here’s how to save more money with 2018 gift card deals and tips!

Gift card promo codes and deals:

Numerous restaurants are offering promotions on their gift cards. Here’s a short list of some of them. There are dozens more!

Applebee’s – get a $10 bonus for every $50 spent on gift cards.
Cheesecake Factory – get a free slice of cheesecake for every $25 gift card bought.
Olive Garden – get a $10 bonus for every $50 spent on gift cards.
P.F. Chang’s – get a $20 bonus for every $100 spent on gift cards.
Dunkin’ Donuts – get a $10 bonus for every $25 in gift cards bought (online only offer).
Chili’s – get a $10 bonus for every $50 in gift cards bought.

Use Promotional Codes to save on gift cards:

While promo codes are typically not valid on gift cards, sometimes they do work or are specifically for gift cards. Some that are valid on at the time of this writing: 

Itunes gift card – buy a gift card worth $100 or more and save $15 with the code ITUNES15
Dollar Shave Club – buy a gift card worth $50 or more and receive $10 off with code SHAVE10
Famous Footwear – buy a gift card worth $50 or more and save $10 with code FOOT10 – buy a gift card worth $50 or more and receive $10 off with promo code DOG10

Earn gift cards by making purchases:

  • Retailers such as Target offer gift card promotions on items throughout the year. Simply purchase from a specific group of items or category of products. Other retailers have been known to do similar things, such as Meijer’s rewards (which are like a paper gift card for Meijer stores). Offers and items vary from gift card purchases to everyday items to small appliances and change continually, so check weekly for deals.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club – Both clubs have great deals on gift cards throughout the year. But this time of the year, they sometimes have even better promotions. For example, at the time of this writing, you can get four $25 Build a Bear gift cards for only $79.99 at Costco. Or at Sam’s Club, you can get $100 in iTunes gift cards for just $79.47. (Other denominations and savings are also available.) And these are just two of the many gift card deals available at these club stores!
  • Swagbucks – You know you can shop online, watch videos, take surveys, search the internet, and find deals to earn points you can then spend on gift cards. Did you also know they also sell discounted gift cards? Go to to sign up and buy get started buying and earning.

Tips for saving even more:

  • Combine offers – First, purchase a gift card at a discount or with a bonus. Then, use a discount code or coupon valid on your purchase (whether online or in-store) and pay with your gift card. This works the same as cash and it’s a great way to save up to 50%! When you shop online, don’t forget to also take advantage of free shipping.
  • Try that promo code on a gift card – Most of the time, promotional or discount codes won’t work on gift cards but occasionally they do. It’s worth a try because sometimes you do find a retailer that is allowing the codes to work on their gift cards!
  • The more you buy, the more you save – With some offers, the more you buy, the better the bonus you receive. Team up with a friend to spend enough and share the extra savings.


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Written by Josh Elledge - CEO, UpMyInfluence

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