274 – February Sales – Save 30% On Your College Degree – 9 Ways Not Paying the IRS Can Hurt You – The ICEBAR!

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Hi!  I’m Josh Elledge, the Chief Executive Angel of SavingsAngel.com and welcome to the SavingsAngel show! I’m podcasting to you from a windy and chilly Orlando, Florida.

I am an extremely busy consumer expert, money-saving advocate, syndicated newspaper columnist, and the guy that turns digital entrepreneurs into media celebrities with UpMyInfluence.com. I love what I do and can’t wait to get going on today’s episode.

In order to help you save more, earn more and live more abundantly on today’s show I’ll be covering:

  • February Sales
  • How to Save 30% on Your College Degree (ft. Grant Aldrich)
  • Nine Ways Not Paying the IRS Can Hurt You
  • ICEBAR Interview (ft. Thomas Kerr)

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Well, hey, I'm Josh Elledge, the Chief Executive Angel at SavingsAngel.com and welcome to the SavingsAngel Show and broadcasting to you from a windy and chilly Orlando, Florida. Yeah, I know you guys up north are like Oh, get out of here. Now I'm an extremely busy consumer expert, money saving advocate syndicated newspaper columnist and I'm that guy that turns digital entrepreneurs in a media celebrities at upmyinfluence.com. I love what I do and can't wait to get going on today's episode. So in order to help you save more, earn more and live more abundantly on today's show, I'm going to be covering hey, you've got the winter blues. I'm going to help you feel some budget love here in February. I'm going to help you save up to 30% on your college degree, no joke. Nine ways not paying the IRS could hurt your finances. Yeah, we should say so. And finally I've got an interview. One of the coolest bars and hip spots in Orlando, Florida and that is Ice Bar. So with that let's get going. Is the cold weather bringing you down friend. Now what could be more comforting than lying in bed snuggly warm, planning some money saving shopping. Now Love is in the air this winter with great deals for your budget. Now aside from after Christmas clearances February offers the first shopping events for consumers to take advantage of huge savings as retailers clear up their winter stock to prep for warmer weather. Here's what to expect this month. Number one, mattress and bedding sales matters and bedding deals vary from store to store, but some of the bigger retailers are offering up to 60% off their stock during Presidents Day weekend. Now if you're wanting to Refresh your bedroom or create the perfect guest room. Now is the time of year to buy. But listen to me friend. Do not get sold to buying mattresses store to store can be a very tricky business. Please do your research online. Don't imagine yourself going in blindly to three to four mattress stores. Yeah, it's it's going to be the same experience. They intentionally make it very confusing to shop mattress to mattress, get an idea what you want online then go do your thing. Number two electronics every year Super Bowl Sunday starts a flood of TV sales. Retailers typically continue these sales through Presidents Day. So whether you're upgrading to a bigger TV or adding a new one in the house, now is the time to buy you can hit up Craigslist to get even better deals on perfectly good use TVs at people. It's two years old. Let's get a new one. Now online retailers like Target or Amazon are also offering huge discounts on tax preparation needs, like software and printers. Next item number three winter items. now is the perfect time to stock up on new winter clothing items and sports gear. Every store selling winter clothes wants to clear out those items so they can start offering spring and summer clothes. Look for deals as high as 70% off these items that's right here in February. Take some time contact your your your local clothing retailers and find out when they expect the inventory to start rotating heavily. Yeah, no, I'm serious like actually call them and ask them just say Hey, come on. I know you're here every year. Come on, you know give me the insiders scope. Now finally, number four love is in in the air, what would a segment about February be without mentioning love? dating sites are offering up to 35% off or even free memberships? So don't let Old Man Winter get you down this year. When your plan smart? Yeah by smart.


Sometimes circumstances occur that have an impact on finances and can cause debts to mount. owing money to the IRS can seem like an overwhelming problem. But ignoring debts. Yeah, that can make the situation much worse. Now, here's some ways not paying your taxes could hurt your finances and how you can get some relief. So let's first talk about the failure to file penalties. Now the penalty for failing to file a tax return is 5% of your unpaid taxes for every month your tax return is light, the amount is capped at 25%. But if you file more than 60 days after the deadline, you will be liable for a minimum of $135. The exception is if you owe less than that, in which case you'll pay 100% of your total tax owed in penalties. Don't let that happen. Number two penalty for filing your return, but not paying your taxes. Now there are much smaller penalties for failing to pay your taxes if you still file your return. Generally this some will be point 5% of the tax money owed for each month you fail to pay up to a total of 25%. Now addressing your late payment as soon as possible can keep your costs down significantly. Then there's interest on unpaid tax. The IRS calculates interest on unpaid taxes at the federal short term rate plus 3%. Now when added to penalties for failing to file Filing late and paying late is can amount to a substantial sum. Then there's a federal tax lien. Now a tax lien is a claim on your property to recoup the money owed, the IRS can place a lien on the assets of someone who has failed to pay their taxes, allowing the agency to retain that property until the debt is paid. Usually, you can only remove a lien by paying your taxes back. And then there are other penalties. I don't mean to make this a doom and gloom. I just want to make sure you know the facts here. The IRS can penalize you for not paying your taxes in a number of other ways including asset seizure. If it appears that you are not going to make payments. Your assets can be removed and sold to pay off your debt. You could have a levy on your wages. The IRS can collect unpaid taxes directly from your salary. You could refund your you could forfeit your refund any refund you may have been due be cancelled. You could actually have criminal charges. You could face prosecution for tax evasion. We don't want that. And passport relocation, your passport may be revoked to prevent you from leaving the country. So what if you can't pay your taxes? Well, the IRS offers various support packages. For those who cannot pay their taxes including repayment plans, such as the Fresh Start program, it happens. Okay, you can also contact a professional tax expert for advice and help managing your debts in the most effective way. ignoring your debts will not make them go away, but seeking expert advice could help reduce them and your penalties. Now unexpected situations such as losing a job or facing an illness can adversely affect your finances and ability to pay taxes. You can avoid sanctions However, by just being honest about your circumstances. Call the helpline explain what's going on. get professional help if you need it and just engage with the support offered. Okay? Listen, if you've ever been late on taxes, don't be Don't be late on filing. That's very simple. Okay? But if you can't pay it, get it filed. Call and just work it out. Generally the IRS will work with you. It's not the end of the world for sure. Okay. Just make sure though, you have great communication with everyone involved. having great communication, keeping everyone in the loop adds a part of living abundantly.


Alright with us right now. I have Grant Aldrich and Grant you are the Founder and CEO of OnlineDegree.com, which I'm a huge fan of, I can't believe that you pulled this off. And so if I haven't gotten people's attention with this yet, okay, I be surprised. But what you do Grant is that you have created away, were students in get caught, they can take college classes online, and they can take them for free. And they can get credit and over 1400 colleges and universities. We're going to talk about how you pulled that off. But I definitely want to talk about how exactly this works. And again, I should say, I mean, you're this. I'm a fan. Like I've picked this out a vetted this. This is truly amazing. I love what you've created.


Josh, thank you. I thank you for having me, by the way.


Awesome. So for my SavingsAngel audience, tend to be a lot of moms in the suburbs. A lot of moms have high schoolers, maybe some that are in college already. kind of explain how OnlineDegree.com works.


Yeah, well, so you touched on kind of mechanics on it, but the goal is and the benefit is you can save up to 30% on your degree while saving time. All from home, on your own schedule and pace. And that was really the goal that I wanted to achieve for the consumer, because so many people are just not taking that step back to higher education to get their degree. And yet, we live in a time where it's never been more important. There's all of this demand to go back to school for new skills and jobs. So I really wanted to make that possible for everybody. And that's the mission behind the company. So it works just like how you described, you register in 60 seconds, you can then take as many of our college level courses as you like, which are really interesting stuff like introduction to programming, Introduction to robotics, accounting, marketing, all introductory, no experience necessary. And then we go and organize where you can get credit for the courses that you're taking towards your degree at universities across the country. And then we go even above that, and that we organize discounts, have those universities on your behalf so that when you enroll at a school, it can be 30, 40 all a huge percentage of savings. Before you even get enrolled at that school, and we do it all for free.


Okay, so Grant that I'm going to ask the question that everybody's asking in their head right now, what's the catch? There's got to be a catch. You're gonna ask me for my credit card somewhere somehow, like, you're gonna, what? How can you give away college classes for free?


I know, it's a well, thank you for that. That's usually the best compliment I ever get is, you know, what's the catch? It sounds right. Right, right. I love it. The way that we did this was that we've actually made it supported by the universities. So actually, in mostly education circles, what we're doing is very disruptive, because I knew that to help more adults go back to school, it has to be free, dispense with the tuition model, but that's a really big thing to dispense with. And with my mission, I had to figure out how we're going to do this. And what people don't realize is the value that that provides the universities too. So it's probably intuitive. What the student gets right. I could save time I save money. I can get started get my feet wet, and wait into the Cool, without all the pressure, prove I've got the ability to be successful, which you can do. But for the universities, they get a lot of value too, because for them, they're under an immense pressure to get good students who are motivated to finish their degree, and who are better prepared to be successful and enroll. And as students go on our platform, they're inherently becoming more prepared. They're learning how to use a modern learning system that all the schools use online to further courses. They're getting used to an online format where I take courses online, I move through at my own pace, all these things that are really valuable. And so all of the schools they sponsor our platform


and that makes it free


Yeah, that's okay. So how does it How does it work? So I go to OnlineDegree.com and I get started so orange button says get started for free. It walk me through what the signup process is and like, how do I get registered for my first class?


Yeah, great question. So when you get started, you have you create your, you know, register, create your account. And then we also offer free student advisors. So right, then at that point, you're able to start taking as many courses as you'd like. And we provide all the information for you to chart a course on what schools that you can apply this to and what might be a good fit for you. But really, the student advising that we provide is a big differentiator because there is no third party unbiased resources for busy working adults or busy adults in general, you know, we've got this apparatus of help for high school students right in the form of guidance counselors. And what they do is they try to guide you and make you help you make that right decision for college, but that is non existent for adults. So we want to be able to provide that as part of our platform. So you get all all kinds of help. And we try to point you in the right direction, what to do and how you can say for your situation, and then you begin taking courses You, let's say you decide on a school that you want to, that you want to roll out. And this is really important, we encourage you to figure out what that school is very early on. Because once you know let's say for example, I want to go to University of Maryland for their accounting degree. Well once you know that, then you know which courses you can back out to take on our site for free, and which discounts that we have available to you and your that it's that much easier to get towards your goal and charted course. And then once you're finished taking courses, you with a click of a button, you generate a transcript, and then you're off you can it gets to the school and you can you you can rule


Ah okay, so now when I when my let's say when my student takes it Oh, by we should we should say talk about who can do this. So obviously, there's parents You know, I've got a 16 year old, a 13 year old and then I've got a 20 year old. So who can participate with currently


Great question, so right now you have to be overeating. And you have to have your 18 or older 18 or older, correct. And we did that because at first, this was really to help adults get back to school. But we've had such an overwhelming wave of demand from either parents for their children, or just people who are under 18, we are going to be launching it and opening it up for students who are under 18. And we have a waiting list for that it's coming soon. So people can register at that link to be on the waiting list to be notified. So right now, this is just if you're over 18 as an adult, you can go in register create your account, but for if you're under 18 will have a sign up link where you can be on the list.


So let me go through some of the classes that are available to currently you have 15 classes that you can choose from. So I mean, I guess in theory, I'm a I guess, a university, and I don't know how the credits would work. And I don't know that you know, with electives in majors that it could work out. But I guess in theory, you could get up to 45 credits here is is that


possible? That's it. So with if you took, for example, with all of our courses, we've got 15. Again, they're all introductory interesting stuff all undergraduate, you could get or satisfy up to 45 semester units, which is a lot. That's over your first year. Yeah, yeah. You pair that with discounts. Yeah, it's substantial. That's incredible. That's a good


I'll list off some of these here, because they're really interesting classes. And, and I have to say, Grant, they're very relevant to a terms of high demand fields. There's some really, really great classes included in here. So there's an introduction to cosmology, organisms and ecosystems. That's a biology class, Introduction to accounting and finance, Introduction to marketing and strategy introduction to programming, Introduction to coronary skills. Look, I don't even need the college class, but that might be fun.


Of course, save my marriage by the way.


So you got cyber security and cyber crime. Those are my boys right there. That's what they are into introductional microeconomics, language and literacy, education, climate change in the cryosphere, Introduction to public health, history turning points in modern history. This one's another really interesting like, I could see myself again, taking this out, I don't care about the college credit, just be cool to go through this Body Sculpting with diet and exercise. You think about like all the courses that you have to pay money to, to learn this stuff, you know, even outside the college realm. And here you have something that's taught and designed by a professional educators and made available and now just the last two, Introduction to psychology and introduction to robotics. And again, robotics is another one. So I like I see three classes here. Know my boys would love to program in the cyber security, cyber crime and robotics. Like they're like big into those three things. And how cool would that be? That you know if they, you know, the summer after their senior year before they, you know, start taking, start enrolling in college, even if they did nothing else, just, you know, take three classes and bam, do that during the summer. That would be terrific.


Oh, you're right. Yeah, there you Thank you. It's really interesting stuff. And it was actually designed initially. So the whole idea in genesis of this idea came from my my wife who was pregnant at the time for a stay at home mom. And that's actually what sparked the entire It was my I can't take credit. This was my wife's idea. She said, we had the mission of how do we make college more accessible for everyone and she she nailed it. She said, you know, from a first rate stay at home mom. How is she supposed to go back to school when her job is to manage The expense side of the family keep expenses down. And college is so expensive. She has a crazy schedule. So she can't just leave for the day drive to a community college, take courses take time off and come back. Right. And her her. It's very unpredictable what her schedule is like. And so I said, You know what, that's genius. But that's not for just stay at home moms that's for every busy adult in the country. And so that's what the Genesis was. But to your point, there's been such a huge demand for for students who are still in high school to be able to do just what you said, because that's the beauty of our platform. You can do it whenever you want. So for the stay at home mom with a busy adult, you can do it 30 minutes while you're making dinner or you can do it an hour at night when you've got some time and for the student or for your for your student in high school. Yeah, during summer they can take a course for a few weeks and or over the weekend for an hour. It's been built to be as flexible as possible, no matter what your situation is. Yeah.


Yeah, what? By the time that you're How old are your kids?


So they're a little I got there under three and a half all of three 303 and a half.


So by the time they get into high school, what do you imagine online degree calm will be like?


Yeah, that's a great question. Part of this is all by necessity, right? Yeah. Right. The kids into college at the same time, they're all going to go at this. They'll kill me.


Yeah, my that was actually part of this, too, is that I was trying to create a better world for everybody and for my children, and I hope and I think it's going to happen is that we're going to become the platform everybody utilizes before they go to college, right? Because why would you go the other path? Why would you go to take the traditional path to school where I take this big leap, I show up, got to go to campus that's not conducive with my time, pay full tuition, which is just outrageous now with student debt. It's just so much money. And, and not and not get any help in terms of determining which schools right for me, we so that's a terrible customer experience. And so the alternative what we try to do is know this platform now we'll have we have the scale and the ability to offer it to everybody in the country and make it a modern alternative community college system where they can come in, get the help they need, look at all the schools that will offer them a great discount, right? So that maybe you may say, hey, I'd rather go to this school, as opposed to this one. I think they're about the same, but it's a better deal for you to go to this school, and give you the opportunity to take and explore all kinds, of course is before you get started. And that's, that's where we're going. And I think that you know, right now, we've been growing really rapidly over the course of the last year. I think that we're going to get there pretty quick.


Wow. So, again, I think, you know, you could go to online degree calm. You can take a look at the list of there's over 1400 schools that are participating so far, and I would imagine your Bringing on new schools all the time. And there will likely be additional classes that will be added as well. And so the only way to kind of stay up to date on when those additions get made would be to register. And so I think you probably have some, some guides and some resources that are available. Even if you know someone maybe like yourself like, Hey, I don't have anybody in the in the family that needs this right now. But I definitely, you know, my if their kids are in middle school or something like that, like I want to stay in touch, so I make sure that my, you know, when it's when they can take the classes. Those are available.


Yeah. 100%. So you know, what we were staying busy on right now is you're right, working on the next round of courses, and every day working with institutions and universities to accept our courses and expand that footprint. We've got a lot of places we can get credit now. And that's just not enough. I want to be with every single school in the country and so Know for your right to get started. The beauty about that is is that if you as an adult, because still right now, again, it's open for adults and it will be open soon you can get on the waiting list for under 18. For an adult, the key thing is to get started, right? What makes us so unique is that you can take these courses and unlike a YouTube or some other place, you can actually get credit towards your degree. And the beauty of that is is, let's say you come on right now and take that introduction robotics course, as we continue to add more universities throughout the next year. That just means that that course that you took is now more applicable to more schools as time goes on. So there's no reason to way you can get going right now get more courses on your belt where you've got, let's say, you know, a whole year done, and then you get to choose which school that you can apply that to


You know I want to thank you too. As a military veteran, I see that you've had several, both active duty military, you've had spouses that are overseas, and you know, how cool is that? That while they're enlisted, I know the military usually has some discounted college classes that you can take I know which I participated in. This is wonderful that they can take it for free as well overseas, or, you know, while they're not able to attend college, full time that they can do this. So that's really great news. So again, thank you for making this resource available for those who are serving.


Thank you for saying it. Yeah, you're one of the one of the things that I enjoy the most is the is the is the fan mail, I read every piece that comes in as part of what I get to enjoy. And not only do we save a lot of people a lot of money in time, but for those service women and men overseas, you're right, this is a really nice thing because although for their situation, they usually have the cost side covered. It's the access and the ability to get started. That's so hard. And so, you know, for the normal consumer, we help on cost and access. And for them, we provide a really neat thing on access. So it's, it's been Yeah, thank you. It's been it's been great for them as well. Awesome. Well, Grant, you're the Founder and CEO of OnlineDegree.com. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me, Josh.


And right now we're actually here with Tom Kerr, who is the owner of ice bar. And ice bar if you're not familiar with Orlando is on international drive. International drive is kind of like the it's kind of like the Vegas Strip. It's where, you know, once you get done with the theme parks, the nightlife is just absolutely hop in here is where all the restaurants are. And right here in the center of everything is this amazing place called ice bar, and I'm sure you've seen on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen photos I'm sure you've seen social media, people going into ice bar here in Orlando. It is a spectacle to behold. And and so, Tom, we're here right now, and I'm wondering if he could kind of start off and explain what is icebar here in Orlando.


IceBar. We Are The World's Largest permanent icebar, we're part tourist attraction. Yeah, we welcome guests under the age of 21, up until nine o'clock. And then after nine o'clock we turn into we're more of a nightclub. Aside from that we also do corporate events is a very popular feature that we do. We're 5200 square foot facility. We're full service. We do not only the your drink service, your beverage service, but we also have food. We do all of our own catering internally. But the feature the core component is the ice bar itself. Yeah, about 25% of our venue is the actual ice bar. It's a room where you'll go into it's kept at 18 degrees. Everything in there is made out of ice, the walls, the chairs, the bar. The cups that you drink, your cocktails out of are made out of ice. Yeah, it's a really unique experience. guests that come we provide them coats and gloves to go in there and provide and have the ice bar experience. Yeah, I think bars are kind of really started as a European thing. Probably one of the most prevalent was the absolute ice bar in Sweden. And that's how the concept got started. We were the first in the United States, and we're still the largest in the world permanently.


So, for our savings, Angel audience, a lot of our listeners are moms that are coming into town, maybe they're in the region. Or maybe they're coming in from out of state. And if you could maybe share a little bit more about the family experience that people can come and experience before 9pm here, right.


From five to nine, we have a happy hour and that happy hour applies to our entry into the ice bar. It's half price, you can never get it cheaper. We have the longest happy hour from five to nine. We have plenty of menu items that are good for kids. We have sliders and we have flat breads. And in the ice bar itself. We even have a wide variety of kitty friendly cocktails. Yeah, the kids love the ice bar. Oh yeah. There's there's certain movie out there. That has a really cold theme to it almost a frozen theme.


We would not want to infringe on any particular rights that someone's rights here, but a theme you said.


yeah, we have a winter wonderland. Yeah. 365 days a year. Yeah, here right in the middle of Orlando.


And so again, you've got ice structures within the building you're in it's 18 degrees. There are so many amazing photo opportunities that kids are going to be cold, but you got the codes. And if you have anybody in your family who loves to spend time on Instagram, this an Instagram heaven.


Absolutely Instagram moment, and we'll even help you because for all of our guests that go into the ice bar, we provide free souvenir digital photos. Oh my gosh. So if you don't take your own picture, we'll take the one for you. And our guests are able to send an email them to themselves. It's a great moment to share. It is the Instagram A moment on international drive.


So we were here last year when you had a really popular game of thrones theme that was going on this place was packed all the time because you had Game of Thrones trivia going on. You had Game of Thrones greens going on. And right now for folks that live in the area, can you talk about this promotion that you're running right now. And I want to talk just a little bit more about what a spectacle It is to be, again, in this ice cavern and how cool that is. But if you could share that promotion that you're running right now.


Absolutely, it's called our Florida freeze program. And it's a great value for those that want to come in and experience the ice bar. It includes their entry into the ice bar. It also includes the drink of their choice inside the ice bar. And it also includes coats and gloves and the souvenir digital photo. Yeah, so it's a great value. It's a it's about a 4055 50% off our normal pricing. So it's a great value. It's available Sunday through Thursday. And it's available online.


So if you've ever entertained the idea of coming to the ice bar and I drive, this is the time to check it out. Again Sunday through Thursday. Do you have an end date to win?


It's a program that we're running for all of 2020. I also want to mention that besides the ice bar, we have the what's known as the fire lounge. Yeah. And the fire Lounge is the place where you can heat things up. We have DJ is five nights a week with DJ dance floor, food service, and a really eclectic drink menu.


So for moms and dads who come into and this is one thing I wanted to highlight, you know, if you've been to a fun bar, I think one thing that ice bar is well known for here locally. The drinks are very, very, shall we say? artistic. Can you tell me a little bit about You're going to so if you let me tell you if you like flaming drinks and like drinks that you just cannot find anywhere else. Ice bar is just very, very well known locally for having these drinks that again, I'm just going to use this term again, very Instagram friendly.


Absolutely. It all is a part of what we call the ice bar experience. Yeah. And the ice bar experience starts with the service that you'll get and we provide drink experiences. As I said, in the ice bar, we serve all of our cocktails and these unique glasses that are made out of ice. Yeah, they're done with the drink. If it's your choice, you can if you want to eat the glass, you can eat the glass. In the fire lounge, we have a series of other drink experiences. We have drinks that we light on fire that keep you warm throughout the night. And we also have drinks that we make with a special dry ice mixture that give a really unique Instagram mobile presentation for your cocktails. So very, very unique. We We pride ourselves on these experiences.


And again, where can people find more photos and your website and get make sure you're there on all your social media and that sort of thing so they can kind of see what it is. So I can say, Oh my gosh, yes, we need to absolutely plan on making a visit.


The first stop would be icebar Orlando, calm. Also on Instagram. It's ice bar Orlando. And on Facebook, it's ice bar fans. Yeah, those are the locations you can find us on social.


Yeah. So again, you're the owner of ice bar Tom Kurt, thank you so much. You have an event that's been going on my dear wife and I have been able to enjoy and sample a lot of you know, we didn't mention the foods the foods are very you just as Instagram worthy as the drinks I should point out, and it's a great place to stop in, get a lot of great photos. Bring the family before nine if it's after nine and mom and dad need a little trip out. Come on down to ice bar. You're right in the heart of internet Drive here in Orlando. Tom, thank you so much. My pleasure. Thank you. Now if you've enjoyed hearing everything on this podcast, please share this episode with a friend. People need this information. I mean, seriously, we talked about some important stuff today. You and I, together, we can change lives, I recommend taking a screenshot with your phone right now and post it on the Facebook post on the Twitter on the Instagram or wherever you hang out with most you could send a text people like that. And I tell you what, your friends are really going to love that you shared this podcast episode with them in particular. Now, as always, if you have any specific questions or something you'd like to hear me talk about, you can drop me a comment in the podcast feedback. Write me on my Facebook group, just look up Savings Angel, or you can call the podcast hotline at 407-205-9250 and leave me a message. I'm going to answer your question right you're back or with your permission. I might even share your story with others on this show. With that everyone wonderful week full of saving more, earning more and living more abundant. And thank you for listening.



Written by Josh Elledge - CEO, UpMyInfluence

Josh Elledge is U.S. Navy veteran and launched UpMyInfluence to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their authority and influence. While growing their better-than-PR agency, UpMyInfluence discovered that building 7-figure B2B Sales Systems (with zero paid advertising) for agencies, consultants, coaches, and other high-ticket B2B service providers is actually what they do better than anyone else on the planet.

UpMyInfluence was the natural outgrowth of his first startup, SavingsAngel.com which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with zero paid ads. He did it all through building authority and serving audiences in the media.

Josh is a weekly TV consumer expert in Orlando, writes a syndicated newspaper column to 1.1 million readers, and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 2500 times.

Josh loves living in Orlando, FL with his wife and three children.

SEE ALL ABOUT JOSH ELLEDGE HERE: https://upmyinfluence.com/josh/

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