076 – Are you giving allowances all wrong? Board games to bring your family together! Why don’t we TALK to kids about money?

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  • Joe Saul Sehy from StackingBenjamins.com and I have a BLAST talking about money, games, and parenting. You'll LOVE this episode.
  • Board games!? I thought older kids didn't like board games. You MUST try these ones!!
  • How much should you give kids for allowance? Wow! THIS much??
  • Why don't we TALK to kids about money!
  • Why you should let your kids FAIL at money.
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Great podcast! by: ksjames41 (United States ) Really great practical information for everyday savings. Josh is funny and easy to understand his concepts! I'm a new listener and I have gone back and downloaded every podcast and listening to them on my 1 hour commute to work each day. Thank you for what you are doing — you are making a difference. Loved that Dan Miller episode by: FromLisa2 (United States ) Cool to see a podcast dedicated to helping people get right with their money, careers, and life choices. Dan Miller's 48 days to the work you love – great episode…keeping it real as he breaks the cycle of people who haven't been accountable to making change. Great show! by: Ian Sturgeon (United States ) Josh knows his stuff! So much I didn't know about here. Can't wait to hear more! How Have I Lived Without This Podcast?! by: Emma Hawkes (Canada ) As a stay-at-home mother I am ALWAYS looking for ways to tighten up the family budget so we can live off of 1 income while still enjoying life to the fullest. This podcast is a perfect fit for me or anyone looking to extend your budget or to learn how to save more of your money. Financial Fun Talk! by: Joel Boggess (United States ) Josh is upbeat, conversational, and easy to listen to. He knows his stuff and delivers like a champ. If you're ready for a change in your mindset and bank balance, subscribe to “90 Days”. – Joel and Dr. Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch!


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