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“Your courses are awesome. Just watched Fam.105 and am blown away! That lesson by itself is worth the price of admission.” – Jim

“WOW!… I really think this one is AWESOME! I finished it and went back for the last 30 mins. and reviewed it, writing down points to remember and discuss with my grand daughters. This is SO, SO important! Great video.” – Deb

“I watched the happiness video (Patience, Stress and anxiety relief eCourse). Good info. VERY good.” – Susan

“Thank you for this passionate video. It brought me to tears.” – Becky

“A lot of great information!” – Julie

“Amazing! The video was wonderful.” -Beth

“Fantastic! Great job! Looking forward to the next one!!!” – Amber

“I do almost all my gift buying online, but you had a couple of tips I had not heard before.” – RosaLee

“I love that this video points you in the right direction for everything you need. Very helpful.” – Dawn


Over the past ten+ years, SavingsAngel has taught millions (yes millions) of shoppers how to save money through our syndicated column, radio, and syndicated tv consumer segments. Josh Elledge is a veteran consumer expert who reveals all the secrets to saving more money (in less time) on everything you buy in this powerful video program on how to find the best deals.

Beyond just consumer savings tips, you'll learn that abundance and getting the best deal involves people. Josh Elledge will show you what no other consumer expert can teach about the language and psychology of attracting the best deals and upgrades!

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The full video program includes these individual courses:


Grocery Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Did you know the average family of four spends somewhere around $200 a week for groceries?

That's $800 a month. Nearly $10,000 per year!

What would you do with your extra $5,000 if you could cut your bill in half?

You'd better start thinking because you're about to learn how to slash your grocery bill by 20, 30, even 50% or more with our exclusive grocery savings tips!

For more than 7 years, has been a leader in couponing and grocery money savings tips. We know all the tips and tricks to get your grocery bill down to rock bottom prices. If you've tried couponing before but felt overwhelmed, our Grocery eCourses are perfect for you.Learn how to save money on food and groceries from the pros!

We've cut through the clutter and boiled down all the available information into easily digested bite-sized pieces.

extreme couponing savings groceries ecourse learn how save more money supermarket groceries

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Groc.101 Are warehouse clubs worth your money?
  • Groc.102 Busy person's guide to grocery savings
  • Groc.103 Buying generic or store brand vs. brand name
  • Groc.104 Coupons: Most people are doing it all wrong (My 5 biggest tips)
  • Groc.105 Eating Healthy / Organic on a budget
  • Groc.106 How to get free groceries
  • Groc.107 How your freezer can pay you cold, hard cash
  • Groc.108 How your grocery store manipulates you each time you shop
  • Groc.109 How your pantry can pay you hundreds of dollars a month in rent
  • Groc.110 The Extreme Couponing scam



Family Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

We don't have to tell you: kids are expensive!

How often have you thought you have the family budget perfectly worked out and then needed to make an unplanned purchase for sports or school? Or maybe someone gets sick and suddenly you have a doctor bill?

Then, you're stressed, your spouse is stressed and the budget is blown.

Stop the stress and start enjoying life with your family.

Sign up for our exclusive Family Savings eCourse TODAY!

family, kids, savings, teaching lessons, save money, chores, lunch, breakfast, school, coupon, pets, pet food, pet meds

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Fam.101 Baby on board? How to save on the essentials
  • Fam.102 Back to school means huge savings if you do it right!
  • Fam.103 Hot lunch or cold lunch? Prepare to be shocked by the price difference.
  • Fam.104 How to stop arguing about money: the number one thing that couples argue about.
  • Fam.105 Never say these words in front of your kids and other important financial lessons
  • Fam.106 Save $2000 on breakfast this year with a couple tricks
  • Fam.107 You're probably overpaying for pet care and pet food
  • Fam.108 Your child's health starts at the grocery store



Holiday & Special Event Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

holiday special events birthday mothers day black friday cyber monday christmas thanksgiving valentines day coupons savings save money

Holidays and special events are the icing on the cake of life. They are times to enjoy good company, good food and make memories to last a lifetime.

Did we also mention they can be really expensive?

Yes, holidays, birthdays and all other special occasions can mean you'll have to spend some serious cash.

Not anymore!

We've put together a complete eCourse package that tells you everything you need to know about saving money on these special celebrations.

You can keep the holidays meaningful but cut your spending by up to 50% or more.

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Holi/Ev.101 Double the Christmas gifts. Halve the cost.
  • Holi/Ev.102 Hosting the ultimate Superbowl party
  • Holi/Ev.103 How (and why) to do all your Christmas shopping online
  • Holi/Ev.104 How to be the best house on the block for Halloween
  • Holi/Ev.105 How to get flowers for 80% off
  • Holi/Ev.106 How to win at Black Friday
  • Holi/Ev.107 What Moms really want for Mother's Day
  • Holi/Ev.108 Thanksgiving dinner for less than $30
  • Holi/Ev.109 Watch this before giving ANY gift cards!
  • Holi/Ev.110 Stockings should be stuffed for free


Travel Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Take your Next Vacation for Less!

Do you wish you could take the kids on an amazing summer vacation but just can't swing the cost?

Then, you're in luck!

We have created an eCourse library of videos made especially for those who want to save big on travel, hotels and vacation packages. Let us teach you how to find the best travel and vacation deals.

Whether you are planning a road trip or expect to fly, our Travel Savings eCourse includes everything you need to know about getting there for less. We break down the basics as well as provide an in-depth look at specific travel scenarios and saving methodsto help you spend less on airline tickets, vacation deals and hotels.

hotel airfare air travel flights vacation rental savings money save discounts coupons

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Trav.101 How professional savers buy plane tickets
  • Trav.102 How to stay in a hotel for half price and get a free upgrade almost every time.
  • Trav.103 How travel savings pros work the daily deal sites
  • Trav.104 Local staycations can be a phenomenal deal with these tips!
  • Trav.105 Road Trip? Save big money and enjoy way more vacation with these ten tips!
  • Trav.106 Save big bucks on all your travel dining with these tricks
  • Trav.107 Want to go away this weekend? No problem! Here's how to score last minute travel deals!
  • Trav.108 Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can have a whole condo or house for the same (or better price)?



Utility & Energy Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Slash Your Utility Bills the Easy Way


Depending on where you live and how much you make each year, you could be spending as much as 20% of your income on utility payments.

It's time to stop the madness of high utility bills and learn how to increase your utility bill savings.

Sign up for the Utility and EnergySavings eCourse for all the insider tips you need to slash your utility bills.

These videos go beyond the basic advice you read on the all blogs and dig deeper into how to cut your costs for everything from your landline to your water bill and how to reduce your electric bill.

cut electrical bill, cut heating bill, cut phone bill, cut gas bill, save money on electricity, do cfl bulbs save the most money, discounts on utility bills

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Ut.101 Weird tricks that actually work to save on utilities
  • Ut.102 Low-cost high tech ideas to save money on utilities
  • Ut.103 Ten tips to reduce your electricity bill and still stay cool
  • Ut.104 Turn down the temperature on your home heating budget
  • Ut.105 Three reasons to cut your home phone service and four reasons to keep it
  • Ut.106 The verdict on lightbulbs
  • Ut.107 Slash your water bill
  • Ut.108 Investigating some fatherly advice: “Shut the refrigerator door” and “Turn off the lights.”



Internet Shopping Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Let an Internet Shopping Master Teach You His Tricks!

You can buy everything from your groceries to your insurance online, but should you? The internet can be a power shopping tool, but you need to know how to uncover the best Internetdeals. You need an internet master to help you find the best deals and help you navigate the landmines that often trip up online shoppers. Josh Elledge has helped millions of people save money each year. Now, he is revealing his top secrets as part of this Internet Shopping eCourse.

internet shopping tricks tips coupon codes savings comparison sites fatwallet dealnews

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Int.101 Be a master of online coupon codes
  • Int.102 Best websites for finding the best price
  • Int.103 Essential money-saving apps
  • Int.104 How to Find all the Best Internet Holiday Deals
  • Int.105 How to work the daily deal sites
  • Int.106 Things you should never buy online
  • Int.107 The ten most important tips for online shopping safety
  • Int.108 How to get tons of free Internet-based coupons for in-store purchases
  • Int.109 Save money with social media



Car Savings

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Don't Let Your Car Drain Your Wallet!

How much did you spend on your car last year?


The government says the average household spent nearly $9,000 on transportation costs in 2012.

That's a lot of money sitting in your driveway and not in your wallet. But now, there is help for high transportation costs.

The Car Savings eCourse is custom-made to answer all your auto-related questions. Whether you are trying to get that sweet ride for less or need to shave money off your repairs, these videos give you insider advice on saving money.


Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Car.101 Don't miss discounts at the pump!
  • Car.102 How to buy a car on Craigslist like a boss
  • Car.103 How to sell your car for top dollar
  • Car.104 Save big while road ‘trippin'
  • Car.105 Should you (ever) lease a car?
  • Car.106 When to buy a car / when to keep driving your old car
  • Car.107 You can (and should) negotiate repairs



Patience & Stress/Anxiety Busting

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Live Abundantly with Less Stress& Anxiety

Abundant living has to do with more than simply having money and managing it wisely. It's also about our relationships with others and our ability to find that perfect work-life balance. We know you're juggling multiple responsibilities, and it can be hard to keep all those balls in the air plus keep your sanity. That's why we created this special video eCourse just for youto better manage your stress. The Patience & Stress ManagementBusting eCourse is all about learning how to manage what's on your plate while giving yourself the grace to walk through each day with a full heart and a happy soul.

stress mom baby work peace pressure blood pressure busy no time

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Pat/Stress.101 Are kids stressing you out? Try these tips.
  • Pat/Stress.102 How to become a patient person
  • Pat/Stress.103 Running out of money before the end of the month?
  • Pat/Stress.104 Seven Secrets to Successful Mornings
  • Pat/Stress.105 The most effective ways to calm down when stressed
  • Pat/Stress.106 The most powerful force to create happiness.
  • Pat/Stress.107 Three things to do and three things to avoid right before bed



Let's Get Organized / Clean & Clutter Free

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

You are Only Minutes Away from the Clean and Clutter-Free House of Your Dreams!


Don't you love the way a clean house makes you feel?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to get organized?

But between the kids and work and your mile long to-do list, who has time to keep a clean houseand declutter their life?

Turns out, YOU DO!

With the Clean & Clutter Free eCourse, you'll learn all the tips and tricks to keep your house clean in less time. We've put together a comprehensive set of videos that cover everything you need to know about getting your home in order.

Clean and Clutter Free home organization help tips tricks cleaning

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Cln/Clttr.101 Are you owned by your ‘stuff'? Answer these questions.
  • Cln/Clttr.102 Get all your cleaning supplies for 80% off
  • Cln/Clttr.103 How to get your house cleaned for free
  • Cln/Clttr.104 How to max out your pantry profits
  • Cln/Clttr.105 Secrets of the most successful yard sales
  • Cln/Clttr.106 Stop throwing away half your food!
  • Cln/Clttr.107 The ten most effective ways to avoid pests



Time Management / Productivity

Note: We don't sell individual courses for $20 each anymore.

Make the Most of Your Time with the Productivity Power eCourse!

What have you done with your 24 hours today? If you feel like you've been squandering your time and failing to the make the most of every day, we can help with our time management tips. The Productivity Power eCourse is the perfect solution to your time management problems. Not only does provide proven strategies to make better use of your time, the videos themselves are created to complement the busiest of schedules. For only $20, you get access to the complete Productivity Power eCourse library. Each video is only 4-7 minutes long and can be accessed from anywhere using your computer or mobile device. Quickly and easily multiply or increaseyour productivity. Watch a video while waiting for your kids at practice or get inspired over a cup of coffee at the start of each day.

productivity time management how to get more stuff done sleep accomplish achievement

Lessons in this eCourse:

  • Time/Pro.101 Being in balance is a hoax. Here's what to do instead
  • Time/Pro.102 How to stop wasting time online and have more fun
  • Time/Pro.103 How to instantly be twice as productive
  • Time/Pro.104 The secrets of sleeping for maximum energy and productivity
  • Time/Pro.105 Want to be more productive? You'll need to do these things first!
  • Time/Pro.106 Five secrets of the most productive people
  • Time/Pro.107 Can you save time AND money at the same time? Yes – if you do these four things



Thousands of families have shown that it works.

create abundance now how to get organized money tips

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