Win a Canary! Win a $199 Canary home security camera from Canary and SavingsAngel

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Win a canary home security camera with SavingsAngel

Let's face it, home security is a necessity in most areas these days. It's a sad truth. But sometimes people are reluctant to get home security due to cost or privacy concerns – or even being afraid of mistakenly summoning the police and being embarrassed.


To get you started, SavingsAngel is partnering with Canary. Win a Canary home security camera!

Enter to win a FREE Canary camera worth $199 at our Facebook group page. Click HERE to enter!



Rest easy and protect your family with Canary home security. You can operate it anywhere, anytime from your phone.

  • Canary is designed to disarm automatically when you enter your home – no codes or panicking to turn the alarm off. Great for when your hands are full coming in!
  • Canary uses smart-sensing technology, which alerts you to movement in your home. You get a notification right away, and can act accordingly. So no worries about police showing up when it was just Fido and FiFi wandering around.
  • Canary also gives you the privacy ability to shut off video recording and audio recording. No embarrassing shots of you getting a midnight snack in your skivvies or singing off-key to television title sequences.
  • These are just the beginning of the features and services Canary has to offer. Check them out at – and don't forget your coupon code “SavingsAngel” for $30 off a 2-pack of Canary home security cameras.



Check out my interview with John Carter from Canary on my podcast, Number 154.

Listen HERE


And, check out an example of Canary home security camera from Canary's website…

2:34 pm

Burglars detected by Canary

Burglary timeline event
2:35 pm

Emergency call placed

2:38 pm

Police arrive on the scene

Burglary timeline event



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