181- The truth about credit scores you need to know – Healthy eating plus DietBet with me!

The truth about credit scores – Healthy eating with DoYouBake.com – DietBet with me!

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Now, as I love to do – I have a show full of value and savings for you today…

  • I have with me Randy Padawer, Community Education Specialist, from Lexington Law to talk about credit reports, credit scores, the impact they have. In this 3-part interview series, he’ll be sharing what you can do about your credit score and much more.
  • Before I chat with Randy, I’ll have some quick tips from me about how credit reporting agencies work and what you need to know.
  • I’ll also have with Jenn Aube of DoYouBake.com and CraveIt.com. Jenn has an amazing and inspiring story about healthy eating I think will get you moving as Spring Break is approaching.
  • And speaking of health, I’m gearing up to do another DietBet – and I want you to join me!

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