081 – Amazing Veteran’s Day free meals and deals!! Staycation Heaven. Winner announced! More deals and freebies

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  • How to get some Staycation Heaven
  • How to get the best Staycation deals
  • Listen to my staycation experiences that took us to Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Orlando, and Rosen Centre.
  • How my wife and I got 75% off a GORGEOUS hotel stay with lots of upgrades.
  • Many, many hot deals and free meals for Veterans!
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Smart!by:ScubaPath.com(United States)
Wow. Packed full of info in manageable sized episodes that you can take action on without feeling overwhelmed. Great energy and audio. Everyone loves to dave a little money and this is full of great tips to do just that!
A Solid Podcast!!!by:Omar Zenhom(United States)
Josh does an amazing job with this podcast. Packed with great content. Tips galore! Keep them coming. Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show Podcast
Black Fridayby:Vrdixon(United States)
Great job recent subscriber can't wait to hear more!
Good stuff!by:LmmMMMMMlnmkmkkkil(United States)
Love this podcast! Practical information, and so enthusiastic!
entertainingby:farmnwife(United States)
Josh has very interesting topics each week. It's funny how he gets so excited about coupons.


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