You’ll save more than ever with the new mPerks rewards

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all new mperks at meijerYou'll save more than ever with the new mPerks rewards

Meijer shoppers that use mPerks rewards may begin earning rewards without even realizing it. Anyone who is familiar with mPerks rewards knows that in order to earn rewards, you first had to activate your rewards ahead of time in order to earn them. And then activate your rewards in order to spend the earned ones. That part of the mPerks rewards program has now come to an end.

Beginning this week, Meijer has tweaked their mPerks program in several ways to make earning and saving much easier:

Auto-clip and Auto-start Rewards

Rewards will be automatically activated when you make a qualifying purchase and enter your mPerks ID at the checkout. This way you won’t miss out on rewards like you used to if you forgot to activate a reward.

Viewing rewards in your online account is easier now

All rewards programs will be in one location on the Rewards Page.

Reward timeframes are personalized to you

When you buy a qualifying reward item, your 4 week reward period starts for that reward.

You can earn the same reward up to 4 times in the same 4-week timeframe. So, let’s say there’s a  $4 reward for $30+ electronics purchase. You could spend $30+ in an electronics purchase up to 4 times in the same 4-week timeframe (in separate transactions), and earn the reward 4 times.

Auto Reward Alerts

The Meijer mobile app and will alert you when you’ve started and/or earned a reward. You can also opt in to push notifications, as automatic reminders.

Digital coupon changes

You used to be able to opt in to automatically clip all your personalized mPerks coupons (which was just a handful of the offers) — but a change came through the manufacturer’s coupon policies at the end of the year.  So now, you have to individually clip every coupon – no more auto-clip.

Special weekend offers

Special offers, like a certain percentage off, will be automatic when you input your mPerks ID at the checkout, without having to clip them.

If you aren’t currently using Meijer mPerks, it only takes a phone number to get started. It’s a quick and easy way to start saving and earning!

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