WonderSlim Review 2016. Before after weightloss pictures

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WonderSlim Review: NEW 2016 weight loss challenge!

I'm losing 20 pounds in 4 mos. in 2016 with

wonderslim vs nutrisystem vs medifast

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(Note: it's actually showing 28 meals free for me – so YMMV)

wonderslim review 2016

My 2016 results so far for my WonderSlim Review:

[box icon=”male” style=”simple”]

I started my WonderSlim diet on Friday, January 1, 2016.

My goal is to drop 20 pounds by May 1st.

Starting weight: 186.3


Current Weight (2-26-16): 175.1 – 11.2 pounds gone in 2016 – 22.1 pounds lost total on WonderSlim!



Here are my WonderSlim Review results from 2015! Let's do this again! It's easy.
wonderslim vs nutrisystem vs medifast vs jenny craig

Read on, dear friend…


WonderSlim review - how Josh lost more than 60 pounds. (With weightloss before and after pics.)

I previously lost 63 pounds.

I spent my later elementary years from 5th grade to 9th grade overweight. For anyone else who was heavy as a kid, you'll know it pretty much stinks being overweight amongst normal weight classmates. I stunk @ sports and you could hear my husky corduroys zipping with each step as I walked down the halls at school.

I lost my weight in high school by getting pretty restrictive on eating. I was desperate to be “normal.” My healthy weight range stuck through most of my five years in the United States Navy. I got engaged to my beautiful wife as a 21-year-old guy. After we married a year later, I steadily started putting on weight to the point where I was tipping the scales at 230 pounds for a 5'9″ man. That's no good. I was clinically obese and it affected my well-being. I was having troubles sleeping and my blood sugar and cholesterol was at an unhealthy level. This persisted until a couple years after starting SavingsAngel.

My family and I moved to Florida and we used the occasion to start a new lifestyle. After all, we were closer to beaches and I just didn't want to be that guy who wore an XL-sized shirt to the beach all the time to hide my fat body.

In Fall 2008, I started using my SavingsAngel coupons for good and focused on buying only the healthiest products for my family and I. We took our savings and invested in the produce department. I logged every bite I ate with my LoseIt app. I maintained a low, but healthy daily calorie level. I was actively walking, swimming, and even a bit of light jogging ““ but make no mistake: I lost my weight due to what I was eating. “Abs are made in the kitchen,” as they say.

By late-Summer 2009, I had reached a low of 167 pounds. I had lost a total of 63 pounds in about 9 months time! I wish I had my Withings scale to show you this time period  but upon resuming a normal calorie level, I immediately regained ten pounds – which I didn't consider to be a big deal. I expected it. I was okay with 177.

My life was completely different. People treated me different. VERY different. Shopping for clothes was a trip. I just couldn't believe I went from size 38 pants to size 32. I felt like it was some sort of trick that would end soon.

I had been watching season 7 of The Biggest Loser while I was losing my own weight. Toward the end of their season, the contestants ran a marathon. I thought to myself, if those guys can do it, so can I! So, that Fall, I started training for the 2010 Disney Marathon. The training was long and intense – but eventually I crossed the finish line in 25-degree weather with a time of 5 hours and 50 minutes. Running (and plenty of walking during the second half) for nearly 6 hours! (Incidentally, I had burned over 3500 calories in that race.) Crossing the finish line was among the most emotional moments of my entire life – surpassed only by the birth of my children. This was something that I never expected to do. This was something that I had worked so hard for. I felt like I was finally NOT that fat kid who was picked next to last in elementary school gym class.

FROM 2015:

I've gained 30 pounds backWonderslim weight loss review does it work chart

wonderslim review men does it work before after photo

Despite running another half marathon in January 2011 and a full marathon once again in January 2012, you'll see that my weight has fluctuated from 175 to 197 over the past several years. In 2013, I did pretty good about cleaning up my eating – but 2014 was pretty much a steady climb to nearly 200 pounds – as I've been dealing with an extremely stressful work schedule. This is nearly 25 pounds of weight gain in one year. Although I have put on some muscle mass since my lower weight days, I am clearly carrying way too much fat.

I'm ready for the next chapter…

I'm ready for the chapter that will finally get me into the elusive blue zone. The blue zone, by the way, is where science says I should be for optimal health. Obviously, what is more important than scale weight is fat percentage. There are no surprises that my body fat percentage is also ‘unhealthy' right now. I'm at around 30 percent body fat. I should be below 20 percent for much more ideal health.

If there's one thing I've learned it's that portion control and keeping a clean diet with proper nutrients helps me lose weight. Busy life, however, makes this a challenge for me. I start unconsciously eating beyond what I should “- and often my choices contain high sugar, starches, and unhealthy fats. I wouldn't say I eat like a slob. I actually consider myself a fairly healthy eater, overall. Still, I'm exceeding my caloric intake on average and consuming too many foods that are causing me to gain weight. It's easy for anyone to do. Trust me… I know this all too well.

You'll see in my weight chart above, that I've had moments where I shed the weight quite effectively. Portion control and monitoring my diet is exactly how I did it. In 2015, I followed a program that took the guesswork out of it: WonderSlim. I lost 29.2 pounds. See below for my WonderSlim Review.

wonderslim vs nutrisystem vs medifast

WonderSlim?? What the heck is that? Here's my WonderSlim Review 2016

You've likely heard of Medifast and NutriSystem? WonderSlim is pretty much like that with some very important differences I share below. The program is super simple to follow. I mean seriously simple. No counting numbers or guessing. There's no wondering if something fits the eating plan or not. Just eat what comes in the portion-controlled servings and have one healthy meal with protein and veggies. Simple as that.

So… why did I choose WonderSlim over other diets/programs? What's in it for YOU?

  1. WonderSlim is cost effective compared to similar programs. I knew that I would want to lose weight along with anyone else who's a friend or fan of SavingsAngel. I wouldn't want to recommend something that is cost prohibitive. You can get started as little as $7 a day with free shipping. As I did my research for programs to recommend, I found hidden costs with other programs that add up.
    • WonderSlim Programs Start at Only $49.95 (for the 1 Week BASIC Kit)
    • There are no automatic shipments like there are on other weight loss programs. I'm a consumer advocate – and autoship systems can sometimes get tricky for people.
  2. There are more options depending on what you'd like to invest. There are three different programs. I like that. If you'd like to join me and my wife on the premium program (around $11 a day or less for seven meals a day), WonderSlim will replace more of your daily food. If you feel confident that you can stay on program with more of your own foods, the basic program will likely work just fine at around $7 a day or less and will give you four meals a day. Finally, you can choose the middle option with the core program which costs just over $8 a day and gives you 5 meals a day. Why pay for a weight loss program? Here's another reason: Psychologically, you're more likely to stay on your diet. You have skin in the game and you'll want to recoup your investment.
  3. Is it possible to buy your own food for less and lose weight? Sure! I look at 8 to 12 weeks of WonderSlim as an investment which has a huge return. As part of my WonderSlim Review, I found that it's simple, saves time, and it's worked for many others. I've reported on my own progress as part of my WonderSlim Review. You can make your own mind up as to when you'd like to join me.
  4. wonderslim-kit-premiumThe food quality is better than other meal replacement options. I read close to a hundred reviews online of various meal replacement programs. I found WonderSlim to consistently get the best reviews for quality and taste when compared to Medifast and NutriSystem. I enjoy food and I know I'll be giving up most of the sugars and unhealthy fats that normally make things taste great. Great tasting replacements are going to be important. I've sampled a number of their products before committing to do this publicly. So far, everything I've tried is very good – and I can see myself eating 7 WonderSlim meals a day.
  5. I have a very good friend who has a similar busy lifestyle to me and followed a meal replacement program. He lost a LOT of weight. I had a very meaningful chat with him about his experience. He loved the results and found this style of program to be exceptionally easy to follow compared to failed diets of the past.
  6. In comparing all the programs available, WonderSlim has (by far) the best money-back guarantee. They actually offer a 150% money-back guarantee. They maintain excellent consumer ratings as well which is important in the world of diet and weight-loss. Obviously, as a consumer expert, I checked all this out while researching and writing my WonderSlim Review.
  7. Nearly anyone can do this. I wanted to pick something that would give great results and could be easily followed by my SavingsAngel friends. If I picked something physically difficult like running a marathon together, I fear that only a small percentage could participate. You're still welcome to train for a marathon – but let's plan our eating together. 🙂
  8. As I mentioned earlier, I could recommend an exercise program but study after study shows that diet is far more important when it comes to losing fat. Go ahead and Google that. I believe WonderSlim is among the most effective programs for most people based on my experience of what has worked for me. Obviously, I'm no doctor. Because I'm talking diet/weight loss, let me be clear:Weight loss for each person will vary based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
  9. It's easy to stay ON program with WonderSlim. I really wanted something that was easy to tell if I would be cheating or not. I've tried all kinds of other methods before with varying success. Where I normally fail is justifying something that is off program. There is little confusion with a meal replacement program like WonderSlim. You're either following it or you're not! If you fall off the wagon, just get right back on. Simple as that.
  10. I reached out to WonderSlim and they were willing to sponsor my podcast and they have an affiliate program. This helps pay the bills @ SavingsAngel! As such, legally, I need to say that I was compensated for any endorsement – but as you can see, it goes way beyond this for me.
  11. This is a program my dear wife can follow along with me. She does well with a program with clear guidelines that are easy to adapt into her busy day. She is following this program along with me. Make sure to listen to my podcast and I will relay her weekly success as well and perhaps even have her on to chat about her results!
  12. Yes. I believe there are many diets that can work. The important thing is that you stick with it month after month after month. After reading this WonderSlim Review, commit to 12 weeks. You'll be at least 8 weeks beyond what most people will accomplish on any other program. When you purchase four weeks of WonderSlim products, you're very likely to finish four weeks. If you set up your budget to take care of the following four weeks, you'll be quite likely to continue. I'll be right here to cheer you on.

Our boxes have arrived!

I was so excited when my boxes arrived. Here's what my wife and I got:

  • Meal Replacements: Pudding/Shakes, Smoothies, Berry Blast Fruit Drink.
  • Breakfasts: Crunch Cereal, Apple ‘n Cinnamon Oatmeal, Hot Cakes, Vegetable Cheese Omelet.
  • Lite Entrees: Vegetarian Sloppy Joe, Spicy Cheese ‘n Pasta, Cheese Steak Macaroni
  • Soups: Chicken Noodle, Chicken & Vegetable Cream, Tomato.
  • Bars: Snack Bars, Gourmet Bars.
  • Snacks: Pretzel Snacks, Cheddar Crunchers, Milk Chocolate Crunchies.
  • Desserts: Double Chocolate Cake, Creamy Cheesecake, Puddings, Cookies, Hot Drinks.
  • Supplements: Multivitamin and essential fatty acids
  • Shake mixer/cups
  • Wonderslim bookI've read it cover to cover and it's packed with solid instructions for how to succeed at weight loss.

wonderslim products review picture of products that come in the box

My 2015 WonderSlim Review results:

[box icon=”male” style=”simple”]

I started my WonderSlim Review diet on Monday, December 29, 2015.

My goal is to drop 30 pounds within six months. Actual: 29.2 lbs

Starting weight: 197.2


My WonderSlim Review weigh in:

Week 1 (1-5-15):190.3 – 6.9 POUNDS LOST!!

Week 2(1-12-15):187.9 – 2.4POUNDS LOST – 9.3 TOTALLOST!!

Week 3(1-20-15):184.3 – 3.7 POUNDS LOST – 12.9TOTAL LOST!!

Week 4(1-26-15):182.7 – 1.6 POUNDS LOST – 14.5 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 5(2-2-15):182.7 – MAINTAINED – 14.5 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 6(2-9-15):179.7 – 3 POUNDS LOST – 17.5 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 7(2-16-15): 179.7 – MAINTAINED – 17.5 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 8(2-23-15): 176.3 – 3.4 POUNDS LOST – 20.9 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 9(3-2-15): 176.1 – .2 POUNDS LOST – 21.1 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 10(3-9-15): 174.0 – 2.1 POUNDS LOST – 23.1 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 11(3-16-15): 173.0 – 1 POUNDS LOST – 24.1 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 12(3-23-15): 171.8 – 1.2 POUNDS LOST (even while on vacation!) – 25.3 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 13 (3-30-15): 171.0 – .8 POUNDS LOST – 26.1 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 14 (4-6-15): 169.8 – 1.2 POUNDS LOST – 27.3 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 15 (4-13-15): 169.8 – Maintained! – 27.3 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 16 (4-20-15): 169.7 – .1 POUNDS LOST – 27.4 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 17 (4-27-15): 169.7 – Maintained! – 27.4 TOTAL LOST!!

Week 18 (5-4-15): 168.0 – 1.7 POUNDS LOST – 29.2 TOTAL LOST!!



Here's my 2015 chart:wonderslim results diet 2015 review

Join my wife and I now!! You can get started for as little as $7 a day. Invest in your health and in a program that is easy to follow with this WonderSlim Review. I will cheer you along! We'll compare notes and if you have any issues along the way, just let me know via twitter! Let's do this together! Make 2015 the year you got to the blue zone (the healthy weight zone) along with me!

I'll be logging my activity and results (good or bad) each day on Twitter. Follow me at @weightloss_josh

I'm now losing 20 pounds in 2016 with

wonderslim vs nutrisystem vs medifast

Join me and get 14 meals FREE with ANY order. Also, get free shipping with any $69+ order!

Use the coupon code: ANGEL

wonderslim review 2016

All brands mentioned in this WonderSlim Review are trademarks of their respective companies. For example, Medifast® is a registered trademark of Medifast, Inc. and Nutrisystem® is a registered trademark of Nutrisystem, Inc.  Also – the links above are affiliate links. THANK YOU for joining me and allowing me to inspire you! I use 100% of all affiliate revenue to produce more content for you on SavingsAngel.

Written by Josh Elledge - Chief Executive Angel

Josh Elledge Consumer Savings Expert and Founder/Chief Executive Angel, SavingsAngel.com®

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