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SavingsAngel helping cut grocery bills in half.

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Each week, Chief Executive Angel, Josh Elledge shares savings tips and deals on Fox 35 and on News 13 in Orlando, FL. Josh also produces an abundance minute segment which is aired regularly across the country. For videos of some our latest segments and news stories, visit our YouTube page!

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Coupon-clippers get another resource as Press teams with SavingsAngel

Saving money with coupons is exploding, and today The Grand Rapids Press joins forces with Web site to help you cut your grocery bills.

Every Tuesday, deals of the week selected by Josh Elledge, SavingsAngel's chief executive angel, will appear in the YourLife section of The Press and on The deals reflect SavingsAngel's database matching of coupons in The Grand Rapids Press with sales in local stores.

Katrina Bieniewicz, 38, of Ada, uses SavingsAngel to focus on finding items discounted 50 percent or more.

“I've probably saved $200 and $300 on my grocery bill each month,” the SavingsAngel subscriber said.

She's not alone.

Coupon redemption is up 72 percent nationwide, according to… (Read More)


Savings Angel helps overseas military families

BYRON CENTER, Michigan (WZZM) – With the struggling economy, more and more people are doing what they can to save money, including clipping coupons.

No one can beat Sarah Wheeler and the hundreds of thousands of dollars of coupons she collects. But, this hero isn't even doing it for herself.

Sarah Wheeler likes to save money. But, she's not collecting all these coupons for herself. She sends them to overseas military bases. Wheeler says, “Our family's been very involved with the military. My uncle's been in the Navy for over 30 years.”

Wheeler learned about the Overseas Coupon Program through fellow Savings Angel members. She says, “And I had never known that you could use… (Read More)


Web Site Promises To Cut Grocery Bills In Half

The site, called — a subscription based Web site that claims to save you 50 percent on groceries by organizing all those coupons.

In these days of pinching pennies and tighter family budgets, we're all looking for ways to save and some are finding ways to cut their family's grocery bill in half.

It's called — a subscription based Web site that claims to save you 50 percent on groceries by organizing all those coupons.

While it has only been available to Minnesota shoppers for a couple of months, it's saving a Minnetonka mother both time and money.

Grocery shopping is a time consuming job and a costly one, that's why Michelle Johnson is tenacious to save both.

“I've saved almost 70 percent on one particular grocery bill,” Johnson proudly claims.

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Sarah WheelerGrand Rapids Press logo

The Overseas Coupon Program uses expired coupons to help troops and their families at home

BYRON TOWNSHIP – As a savvy bargain shopper, Sarah Wheeler doesn't like to let a good coupon go to waste — even if it's expired. The Overseas Coupon Program solves that issue.

Last spring, Wheeler, 32, of Byron Township, subscribed to, the online database that matches manufacturers coupons with in-store sales to highlight mega savings at chain stores in Grand Rapids and eight other cities across the country. A SavingsAngel column runs Tuesday on

Immediately, Wheeler started scoring major deals at the checkout with coupons gleaned from multiple newspaper subscriptions.

She began stockpiling coupons but, like many bargain shoppers, found she couldn't cash in every one. So she was happy to hear about a volunteer effort to pass expired coupon savings on to U.S. troops.

She first read about the Overseas Coupon Program on the SavingsAngel message board. The volunteer effort collects recently… (Read More)

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SavingsAngel subscribers click, clip and save


Coupons and the Web add up to savings for members.

PARK TOWNSHIP — While everyone else watches their grocery bill climb, Josh Elledge swears he spends less than $200 a month to feed his family of five.

Not only that, he's building an Internet-based business by showing more than 3,000 subscribers how to cut their food bills.

They pay less than $20 a month.

“The biggest thing we teach people is to get away from shopping based on need,” said Elledge.

When he shops, Elledge said, he looks for the best deals and stocks up. He never pays more than $2.77 for a gallon of milk, $1 for name brand cereal, 50 cents for shampoos, and he won't pay anything for toothpaste or shaving cream.

The secret is to combine manufacturers' coupons with store sales, and Elledge sells a service that helps shoppers do just that. It's called

“You can really clean up if you know what to buy and when to buy,” said Elledge, 36, who lives near Holland.

“It's so addicting when you go into Walgreens and get $100 of product and pay $20. You look over your shoulder thinking, ‘This is too good to be true.… (READ MORE)



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