Money isn’t everything but it is something

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Money isn’t everything but it is something

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Where will you be one year from now?

Think about it for a moment… fast-forward 12 months from today…

  • What does your life look like?
  • Do you feel healthy? 
  • Are you sleeping well? 
  • How much money is in the bank?
  • When you check the balance, do you feel anxiety?
  • Is work in its proper place? 
  • How’s your stress level?
  • What are you feeling fear about?
  • Do you feel any shame?

Money isn’t everything—that’s the last point I’m trying to make—but it is something.

We’re tired, we’re frustrated and we’re living under a cloud of fear and shame because of one small but powerful part of life: money.

It has the power to make your life easier when it’s used as the tool it is, instead of allowing it to be a stressor. And yes, I said allowing it to be a stressor.

Handling money well is a skill, nothing more, nothing less. And when we choose not to develop these skills, we’re allowing money to create problems for us. We’re enabling it as a source of pain and anxiety, instead of channeling it as the tool it can be to build the life we want.

This is where the Money Makers Academy (MMA) comes in. (MMA is the course that Belinda Rosenblum and I invited you to join when she was on this week’s podcast — and with incredible bonuses just for our SavingsAngel fans!)

I chose Belinda Rosenblum, founder of the Money Makers Academy, to share her course with you because she, of course, knows the nuts and bolts of money AND she can help you navigate the tumultuous feelings you also have around money.

This is just a couple of testimonies that Belinda shared with me from two grateful members of MMA:

“I credit meeting Belinda as being an absolute turning point in my life. Before working with her, I was making $12,000-$20,000/yr over the last few years and I never made more than $25,000 per year in my life. I couldn't even imagine making $4,000 every month like I do now!” —Gio, MMA Member at 4 months.


“I am not in avoidance anymore and I am starting to take charge of money, tracking my spending, and spending much less. I am feeling more in control and it is exciting now not stressful like I have this black cloud hanging over my head. I have paid off $8,000 in credit cards by really looking at the debt and selling some things that no longer serve me and spending less. It was so exciting to see the balances on my credit card drop.  I opened a savings account and set-up an automatic deduction weekly of $50.  I can't wait to watch that balance go up!” —Susan, MMA Member at 4 months.

If you could get your money situation on track by yourself, wouldn’t you have done it already?

Every day that goes by without action is one more day you aren’t earning what you could be. And not saving what you could be. And not living the life you could be.

Imagine what life would be like if you decided right now, right here, in this moment, to sign up for MMA?

Let’s fast-forward again and imagine your life one year from today after going through the Money Makers Academy? 

  • How does it feel to have another $5000 of debt paid off?
  • How does it feel to be earning an extra $1000 (or more) each month?
  • How does it feel to finally go on that trip you’ve have been dying to take?

Get ready to take your financial future into your own hands.  Ditch the debt.  Have money in the bank.  Live the life you’ve always wanted.

Let today be the day that you join me and begin your journey to make all of those things happen. It all starts here, with the Money Makers Academy.

But our special Savings Angel enrollment closes on Sunday, May 21!

And don't forget to take advantage of the special freebie that Belinda has so generously offered to SavingsAngel The Money Makeover Kit.

With the FREE Money Makeover Kit you'll discover:

  • The 3 Essential Steps to Make More Money and Create Financial Security
  • Plus, Belinda's best Money tips, Tools & Strategies



Written by Josh Elledge - Chief Executive Angel

Josh Elledge Consumer Savings Expert and Founder/Chief Executive Angel,®

Josh Elledge is on a mission to help Americans save money and time so they can give. He is Founder and Chief Executive Angel of®, which was created to bolster the buying power of the average U.S. family by combining technology, coupons and smart thinking for extreme savings on household consumables and everyday items.

Through his work with, Elledge has emerged as one of the nation's leading experts on consumer savings appearing in the media more than 2,000 times!


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