100 percent money back guarantee money savings coupon program
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How SavingsAngel works and what you can expect in your first three months by our extreme couponing system.


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The best way to cut your grocery food bill?

Match a really great printable coupon with a really great grocery or drug store sale!

  • Our army of angels compiles store sales, coupon, rebates and promotions each week.

  • We input them into our system, so you can easily see the deals and how to get them.

  • Still aren't sure? Not to worry. Our money back guarantee offers you 28 days to try our system out at no risk.

100 percent money back guarantee money savings coupon program



Frequently Asked Questions

How does SavingsAngel save me money?

SavingsAngel's Enlightened Shopping service saves you both money and time. Each week, our staff compiles store sales, manufacturer's coupons, store coupons, offers, rebates, promotions and more. We do the ‘heavy lifting' of finding the best deals and matching up all the coupons and incentives. By doing the work for you, you spend less time preparing to shop – and save more money when you get there.

Why should I pay money to save money? Can't I just do this all myself?

Technically, you could do most of what we do for you, but it would take hours upon hours each week to achieve the results our members enjoy in a fraction of the time. Plus, no other website offers the service, support, and coupon database our 20+ angels on staff provide for you. Think of us as the ultimate grocery savings concierge service.

Anyone can tell you how to get a couple of cheap products in a given week. How SavingsAngel works is by helping you save money on your entire grocery bill – giving you the information and ability to find deals and coupons for your full shopping list – including many healthy products for your family.

For the low weekly membership fee, this return on investment is huge!

What makes SavingsAngel different? There are lots of coupon sites.

There are numerous reasons, but the ones more people say matter to them are: SavingsAngel offers one-on-one support; a fully searchable coupon database (in addition to already matched coupons); the ability to compare items store-to-store to find the lowest price; highly customizable alerts for any deal or product category and the ability to rearrange their shopping list in any order they wish, so they save time in the store.

How to save money by couponing?

There are two paths you can take: Endlessly clipping coupons and hunting for deals yourself – or using SavingsAngel.com. Both will save you hundreds of dollars a month. How SavingsAngel works is by allowing you to spend more time with your family, while still accessing the healthy grocery deals your family deserves.

How to do extreme couponing?

‘Extreme Couponing' is a term started by the TLC program of the same name. Sadly, there are several well-meaning people who have been profiled on this show who commit coupon fraud, perpetuate the myth that couponers are hoarders, and clear the shelves so that other shoppers cannot find the products they need.

It's important to note that the TV show, Extreme Couponing is anything but reality. Store coupon policies are often waived by the retailer for television. In other words, the deals you see on TV do not exist. We started SavingsAngel.com in 2007 to elevate the standards for couponing and provide a higher level of concierge service for our members. We work very hard to protect our members from a couponing scam, spam, and endless wild goose chases just to find a coupon. Sadly, there are many free sources of couponing information on the Internet that lead to scams and wasted time.

Our members have access to hundreds of legal deals each week for 50% off or better. This results in savings of more than $300 to $400 a month. SavingsAngel.com will give you all the tools to get the most extreme deals possible. With access to such powerful information, we trust you'll do the right thing. 😉

How does couponing work?

There are two types of shoppers at your local grocery and drug store: 1.) Shoppers who save lots of money thanks to coupons and 2.) shoppers who pay whatever the retailer asks. Group number two pays more than $700 a month to feed their family of four. A SavingsAngel.com family can save $4000 a year thanks to their membership. They are able to strategically use coupons without all the time normally required to be a coupon clipper.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in manufacturer coupons are distributed each year. Roughly half are found in print sources while a growing collection of coupons are distributed electronically. It's a highly successful form of marketing for the manufacturer. When you use a manufacturer coupon, your local grocery and drug stores are reimbursed for the full face value of the coupon plus a small processing fee.


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