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 hire coupon expertIncluded with your Enlightened Shopping membership…

With our SavingsAngel Academy, extensive couponing knowledgebase and personal help, we're here to help you save for life.

SavingsAngel member support is the best in its class. Try it for yourself!

We've created a database and easy-to-use shopping system that matches the best sales with the best coupons. SavingsAngel lets you simply find the items you want and create your shopping lists before you head to the store. Ourbest”“in”“class member supportwill help you succeed. Each SavingsAngel member can request time with their ownpersonal mentorwho will work with you to make sure you succeed. OurSavingsAngel Academyis recognized by couponers across the country as a powerful way to help you save hundreds of dollars. This 30-minute e-course is just part of what separates us from any other site on the Internet.

Anyone can give you a few coupons and wish you well.

Years of working with shoppershas taught usexactly what you need to know so you can save hundreds of dollars a month for LIFE!!Your SavingsAngel Academy walks you through the simple steps to becoming an “enlightened shopper,” from downloading coupons, to creating a list, to sharing your success.


Ouronline Angel Communityof thousands of angels like you is watching out for you””posting unadvertised sales, hints and tips to help you save even more. You'll see a big difference compared to any other Internet message board.

Help is never more than an email away. OurHelpDeskis open daily, complete withvideo tutorials, fun and educational blog articles, and one of the best couponing and money-savings knowledge libraries on the web.And it's all part of your SavingsAngel membership!What are you waiting for? Let us help you start saving today! [box] [one_half valign=”top”]

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