12 Quick Tips for Making Money on Fiverr

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$5 partial billOf all the billions of people on the planet, there's no one quite like you. What you may not know is that your uniqueness could be the exact tool you can use to earn extra money or a steady income by using a website called Fiverr.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘Gigs' starting at the low cost of $5 per job performed, thus the name. One of the main benefits to using Fiverr, as a way to earn additional income, is the simple fact that you can make $5 over and over and over again. Plus, you have the option of offering add-ons at an additional price.

In order to come up with a gig that works for you, start by thinking of all the stuff that you happen to be very good at. Maybe you're a talented singer, writer, dancer, artist, crafter, etc. that you could do in a few minutes and turn into a gig. Coming up with a good gig to sell is probably the hardest part of your service. Do a quick search of the website and scan several pages to give you ideas on what you can offer for five dollars.

Once you've come up with a list of things that you're good at, offer a service or services that are related to those things. There are 14 different categories where you can list your gig. If you don't find a suitable category, then just list your gig under ‘other'.

Keep in mind that whatever you offer will need to be something you're willing to sell for just $5. You're only going to actually clear $3.92 after Fiverr and Paypal fees so it's important that the gig you create is something you can deliver quickly.

How much can you earn? Do the math. How many gigs do you think you can handle in a day? If your gig takes about 15-20 minutes and you have 3 hours a day to devote to Fiverr, you'll clear approximately $36 a day or $12 an hour. It's all about what you can do, how quickly you can do it, and how much time you're willing/able to work. Although top-rated sellers can offer single orders upwards of $8,000, according to beta news' announcement of the new Fiverr Android app. Wow! I don't think that's the guy singing an operatic version of “Happy Birthday”.

Tips for making money on Fiverr:

1 – Make your service unique to you and others. Be the expert at doing whatever it is you do. Or at least, be as close to one as possible. There are many Fiverr sellers providing the same thing as you so you need to sell yourself over your competition.

2 – Whatever you do has to be something you can handle doing over and over again. If repetition isn't high on your list of fun things to do, you'll probably burn out quickly.

3 – Deliver your gigs on time. You set the lead time for delivery but, remember, once you receive an order, you're on the clock.

4 – Edit your gig if need be. You have the option to do that. So if it isn't going well or you find after getting into it, there's something you should have added or deleted, you can. Maybe you're finding that it's taking you longer than anticipated to complete a gig. If you're getting bogged down with orders that are taking too long, you'll struggle to complete them.

5 – Deliver quality. Quality increases your chances for repeat buyers and higher reviews.

6 – Optimize your listing with keywords. This is really important because incorporating keywords into your gig will help people find what you are offering when they do a search.

7 – Market your product or service by creating a video. Creating a video will help you attract attention and get more sales.

8 – Use social media to help you get the word out about your gig.

9 – Use an appropriate high-quality image related to the content of your gig. If you are a graphic artist, use an image of your work. Add more than one to show more of what you are capable of doing.

10 – Make your gig's title and description clear. If someone isn't quite sure about what it is you do, they won't buy.

11 – Take advantage of the ‘Instructions to Buyers'. If you need the buyer to send some detailed specifics, the time it takes the buyer to get that information to you does not count against your delivery time.

12 – Suspend your gig when necessary. If you are getting behind on deliveries, going on vacation, are sick, or maybe have lost your internet for some reason, suspending your gig (or gigs, you can have up to 20) is a good option. As long as you don't delete your gig, you won't lose the good buyer feedback.

So what can you do to make some extra dough? Well, almost any service that is not considered offensive can be offered on Fiverr. Time to get that thinking cap on and see what you can come up with that is uniquely you!


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