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The heart of the SavingsAngel website is our powerful Enlightened Shopping system that matches hundreds of great sales with amazing coupons every week. We've created a series of short tutorials to show you how to quickly learn the system and to simply save.

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No matter what you spend on groceries, SavingsAngel will save you money on your grocery bills. But one of the biggest secrets to saving is building up an inventory of your favorite items, so that you never have to pay regular price for your favorite items again!

Here are tips for setting a budget to enjoy the biggest savings:

1. Know how much you have to spend. You probably have an idea of what your weekly grocery budget is. Use that as a starting point. Don't go over your allotted budget unless you can afford it, but try to set aside $10 to $15 to stock-up on the best deals for foods your family loves.
2. Put your SavingsAngel shopping list together. SavingsAngel shows what you’ll save on the items you select. You'll see right away that you're spending far less than what you have normally spent.
3. If there's a really great deal on an item that your family enjoys, STOCK UP on that item. There are sale cycles for most products, meaning not everything is on sale every week. By buying a little more at a great price, you'll be able to build a pantry full of your favorite foods, all while avoiding full retail prices!

SavingsAngel members know that by just buying a little more of the foods you love when they're on sale, you'll build a pantry of your favorite items. After a while, you'll see your grocery bills drop as much as 70%, because you only buy what's on sale to keep your pantry well-stocked.

Finding Free Print Grocery Store Coupons
Finding Free Pre-Printed Grocery Store Coupons

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We guarantee SavingsAngel will save you money on your groceries and we promise to give you the tools to organize and save even faster. Welcome to our family!

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New to couponing?

Here are a few free tools you'll need for savings:
  • IbottaProbably the best of the bunch in my opinion, Ibotta lets you earn cash rebates on everything from brand name products to staples such as milk and fruit. You do have to complete certain tasks – such as posting to Facebook or watching an ad – to unlock the rebate. Then you simply snap a photo of your receipt to claim it.
  • Checkout 51This app also gives you cash back for your purchases, but the number of eligible items is much smaller than that offered by Ibotta. On the plus side, you don’t have to complete any tasks to unlock rebates. Simply purchase the item, snap a photo of the receipt and watch your account be credited.
  • SavingStarYou don’t need a smart phone to use SavingStar. They also have a website where you can open an account and clip e-coupons. Your SavingStar account is linked to your grocery rewards card, and you receive a credit whenever you meet certain purchasing requirements.

The great thing about these apps is they let you double or even triple dip on your savings. Combine them with manufacturer and store coupons to maximize your money back.

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