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  • How to prevent summer dumbing down

    Whether we like it or not, “summer slide” – that is, the loss of knowledge already learned – is very real. According to stats compiled by, on average, students lose up to 2.6 months’ worth of math progress and up to 2 months’ worth of reading skills.

  • How to honor your homeschool graduate

    The unique thing about graduating a homeschooler is that elements normally part of public school ceremony planning and typical “senior year” events all fall to you. But that is also the very thing that allows you to choose precisely how to honor your homeschool graduate best.

  • How to make meal plans that will save you money

    JOIN ME NOW AND MEAL PLAN FOR FREE How to make meal plans that will save you money This post contains affiliate links which we use to support our free store deals, podcast, and so much more. We promise to only introduce products & services we LOVE and believe you will grow your abundance with. […]

  • 5 Computer mistakes people make that cost big cash

    People unwittingly invite trouble onto their computers all the time and then end up having to pay to repair them. I’ve got a round-up of 5 computer mistakes people make that cost big cash – and how to avoid or eliminate them altogether – plus a scam warning and a DIY repair bonus tip.

  • Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, and Harveys join Plenti Rewards

    Most of us are probably somewhat familiar with the Plenti rewards program through Rite Aid, Macy’s, Chili’s, Mobil Exxon, or other participants. But the one thing that the Plenti program had been missing up until now is a grocery participant.

  • Is the best pet food the most expensive?

    Numerous factors go into the production of pet foods, affecting the shelf price. In order to get the best pet food quality you desire at a price you can afford, you need two things: (1) To understand how pet food labels are worded. (2) To research where you can get the best value.