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SavingsAngel extreme couponing members save hundreds of dollars on groceries and household items every month. You can, too!

We match great grocery and drug store sales with great printable coupons and offers. You get the savings!

The numbers speak for themselves. Thousands of members are saving hundreds of dollars on their grocery bills every month. People like you who have discovered how SavingsAngel lets them simply save.

SavingsAngel is an active community of ethical, extreme couponing saving moms and dads. We can't wait for you to learn from the best!

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Read what Mommy Bloggers have to say!

"I researched over a dozen sites and this one seemed to me to be the most user friendly and the least time consuming. They do the hard parts of finding the good deals for you. You tell it what store you want to shop at. You then check off all the items your family will use and then it connects sales with the current coupons available. Super EASY!" - The Faith Between

"I was astounded at how easy it is to navigate the website and I am thrilled with the time I am saving each week organizing my trip to the grocery or drug store." - SimplyStacie

“Amidst turbulent economic times, SavingsAngel has been an answer to prayer. One day I went grocery shopping with my ever frugal wife. I found myself, along with those behind us in the checkout line, with my jaw dropped when I saw the small price we had to pay for the ginormous amount of food we purchased.” - The Drew Review

"I tried (another service) and was very disappointed. I felt like I was spending way too much for information that was confusing and not helpful! I was THRILLED to find!" - Living On Love and Cents

"You can see that my ROI on my $20 investment in has really paid off. In fact, as I write this I am about to take my daughter to Disneyland next week with the money I have saved." - MyHomeBusiness

“I decided to start using coupons, and I found savings blogs including (another site). For months I continued saving money, right at about 46% savings every week. Not bad huh? Then I found My savings shot through the roof! What was once a 34-46% savings, is now a 75-80% savings every week.” - Frugal Scrappin Mammaw

“Another tip about the site that just sets my heart to flutter is the "Scenario Angels" on their forums they have for each drug store. These "Scenario Angels" lay out your shopping for you in easy steps!” - Coupon Makeover

“I give a thumbs up. It’s a valuable service that can save you a lot of money and their tutorials and customer service are excellent.” - Mom Improvement

“This is a great site for busy people who want to save money.” Saving Money Mommy

“I really liked this program. I like that it took all of the work out of it for me and all I had to do was go to one website to find the best deals. I especially liked the grocery list part!” - Barefoot Mommies

Great information for beginners and great tool to use to organize shopping trips and coupons. Great tool for making a shopping list and finding coupons. The ‘View coupons needed’ is a great feature.” - All Frugal Stuff

“When I tried their system I saved about 60% on my groceries. I'm very happy with this and it saved me so much time. The term 'Time is Money' comes to mind and I'd rather be with my family and friends than searching for coupons and trying to match deals...and I LOVE COUPONS!!” - Captain Coupon

“ helps you save time and find great deals. The website helps you find discounts not only with sale items and with coupons, but also with extra coupons SavingsAngel lists from all over the web. makes this process quick and easy.” - Money Crashers

Picture of Mom Blogger“We are big fans of ease. If something is not easy many people will not do it. There are those who like a challenge, not me, but some. Automated services such as do all the work for you. Couponing has never been easier.” - 101 Money Talk

”…one-stop shop for great deals… a great service to folks who really want to save but don’t have lots of time to find the best deals and coupons.” - CouponLadyOnline

“All the things I didn’t have time to do before … was right in front of me. ALL THE WORK. DONE! And I got excited.” - AnIowaMom

“I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking there was no way SavingsAngel could save me more than I already save. Boy, was I wrong.” - My2CentsFL

“ offers a great on-line training program to help new users get started.” Comparison of SavingsAngel vs. another site - Hubpages

“ offers a useful service that helps shoppers save money as well as time as they do the coupon searching for you.” - Busy Mom’s Tips

“It is a well thought out site that would work for anyone who wants to save money on their groceries but don’t want to take the time to do research online to find the best deals, print coupons from online, or match Sunday paper coupons to each ad every week on their own.” - Mommy’s Money Cents

“…they created a website that does a lot of this work for you – saving you time, energy, and money.” - Christianpf

“ is not like all those other grocery coupon programs out there. There are many reasons why you would want to use to become a frugal grocery shopper. To make it easy, I've listed my top 10 reasons to do so.” - Stay-A-Stay-At-Home-Mom

“If you are lost in the world of coupons let SavingsAngel light the way! Give it a try and start saving some serious money.” - Mommies2Cents

“Since I am already a "seasoned" couponer, by using SavingsAngel, it will save me loads of TIME that I would rather spend with my family:)” Comparison of SavingsAngel vs. another site. - CouponMakeover

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