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Trying to Rebuild

My First Attempt part two

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Alright then, so I went to CVS yesterday for my first attept at some big savings. I learned a few things. Firstly, make sure that they total your bill before you give them coupons so that it does not subtract from any totals you need in order to qualify for whatever ECB promos they have going on. Talk to the cashiers, turns out a few of them are very friendly The one i spoke to was into couponing herself so she was ready, understood what I needed nd was all to willing to help. I didn't pick up a few items because they didn't have the particular type that I was looking forward. I am proud of myslef, i didn't just grab it Sooooo here's what I bought:

10 cans of chef boyardee products... I wanted 12 but that's all they had left so I had to use one less coupon. I had coupons from the internet for $0.50 off 3. They were 10 for $10
2 Lysol Toilet for $1.00 off 2 they were 2 for $5
1Aussie Shampoo and 1Aussie conditioner...I had $0.50 off 1 that I used 1 coupon for each product. The Aussie products were 2 for $5.97
4 boxes of ziploc bags they were 2for $6 and I had 2 $1.25 off 2
2 Gain fabric softeners 51oz size on sale for 4.99 with $1.00 off each coupon
2 gallons of milk was supposed o be $1.99 with card but ended up being $2.19 each because it says i saved $0.80 on each gallon

My subtotal doesn't show up on my receipt but it started n the area of $52 and some change. And my final total after taxes was $43.11. I also ended up with $11 in extra care bucks and $4 ECB that is supposed to be forwarded to my email. Not really sure If this was as succesful as it should of been. I feel like i should have spent less money with the way things worked out. SOme of the deals were not the same as marked on SA. I think maybe I misunderstood how the deals worked or maybe it worked out just like it should and I still just don't nderstand it yet. Either way I did save money and gt some to spend next time for free so that's all good in my book. The casheier also told me about these little green tags that are $0.99. Most people attach them to their reusable shopping bags. You scan them every time you shop at cvs the same as your extra care card and every fourth time it is scanned you will get an extra $1 in ECB. So I snagged up one of those to. So tell me what you think. Was my trip worth it or not. If anyone wants to take the time and compile a list of what I bought and give me your opinion I would be extremely greatful. And thanks for all those following me.My next stop Kroger's.................................................

When I figure out how, I will add the picture of my small trip.
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  1. pythagoras345's Avatar
    You did well! One thing to remember is when you print your SA shopping list they include your ECB money off in your total. For example you could have done two transactions, one with all of the items that were going to give you ECB and then used them on the next transaction with everything else. This will have made your total $11 less. Some like to use them right away - some do not. Does not matter as long as you use them. Also don't forget with CVS that they accept competitors coupons for filling prescriptions, that's a great way to help out with your CVS totals.
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  2. jeilee's Avatar
    Thanks so much. I wasn't sure abou tmaking more than one transaction so I didn't wanna try and mess everything I was nervous enough to get it right as is. Thanks. I will remember this next time I go.
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