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  1. Less stress grocery shopping

    Here's how I try to get in and out of Meijer with the least amount of stress, using S-A shopping methods.

    Probably a lot of you already do this, but maybe it will help someone!

    1) Order of shopping: taxable items first (HBA & household), then non-perishable foods, then perishable foods. I park at the grocery entrance.

    2) What I'm carrying: My S-A printout, organized by category according to above, with my refrigerator shopping list stapled to the top ...
  2. How God sold our house (in 16 days!)

    In summer 2008 we put our house on the market because we wanted to try to get a bigger place.

    It was a lot of work. We replaced countertops, put in new carpeting, painted all of the kitchen cabinets, rented a storage unit and moved out half our stuff, etc. etc. We held three open houses in three months, each of which required a lot of extra cleaning, too.

    It seemed to get us nowhere. We had a couple offers that we laughed at. Everyone said they liked the house, but ...

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  3. Extra 15 percent off at Menards thru 1-10-10

    Hey everyone, I'm alive ... ! It has been a LONNNNNG time since I've posted to S-A even though I'm still a big fan. Hi Judy! Hi steptapper! Hi everyone else!

    This week at Menard's (one of my favorite places to save $) you get an extra 15 percent off any item - INCLUDING SALE ITEMS -- that you can fit in their green eco-friendly shopping bag.

    Here are some ideas for extra savings. If anyone knows of coupons to apply as well, please post a reply. Thanks!

  4. How cheap are you ?!?

    My husband knows me too well. He sent me a link to an article about the "King of the Cheap."

    This is a fellow who got an award for saving the salt from the bottom of his pretzel bag, grinding it up, and putting it in his salt shaker.

    Can you top him ?!?

    Here is the article, along with descriptions of several runners up:,458909.story

    I don't know if these folks ...
  5. Free family events in JUNE - Kalamazoo area

    Summer is here! Once school is out, you can delay the sounds of "Mom, I'm bored" with one or more of these FREE family events!

    June 6 - AUGUSTA ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR, from 9 am to 4 pm, which also includes FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY ANNUAL BOOK SALE from 8 am to 12 pm at the Augusta Library. (Books of all sorts and for all ages at cheap prices!)

    June 11 and 18 - 7 p.m. Post Band Concert Series in Mill Race Park, downtown Battle Creek. Musicians from throughout the region ...

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