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  1. SA, will you be my Valentine??

    I guess I'll have to have that hard, sit-down discussion with my husband. I have another love in my life. It's Savingsangel. I think he'll be pretty understanding, he says Alton Brown from the Food Network is my "culinary boyfriend", and since I get so many ideas from Alton, he doesn't mind. I figure since SA has not only saved me money, but also time he'll be as equally fine with my "new relationship".
    When I first signed up for SA, I had no idea I would love it this ...
  2. Weekly Goal for Feb. 11 - Feb. 17, 2008

    It's almost Valentine's Day!
    Did you give your loved ones one of the BEST gifts you can? (A completed budget for February.) Boring. I know. But so, so true! Being on-task financially and making progress lays a foundation for a secure, less stressful future. Sounds romantic to me!

    In the spirit of the holiday, this week's goal will be romantic... And nothing says love like organized financial information.

    Weekly Goal for February 11 to February ...
  3. Michigan winters

    Here it is February and the snow is flyin' like a good old fashioned Michigan winter. I love it - well sometimes - and then other times I get sick of bundling up kids. You know the drill
    Me: "do you have all of you stuff?"
    Them:"Yeeessss" (look of disgust that they think I can't see)
    Me: "Books, planner, lunch?"
    Them: "yup" (so proud of themselves because they think that they remembered everything!)
    Me: "Do you have gloves?" (start with the one I know they have} ...

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  4. So I'm a little late with the New Year's Resolution...

    Most every January 1st, I pledge the same things: lose weight, get out of debt, yadda yadda yadda. I follow through with these until about mid March and then it's back to the norm. So this year, I didn't make any resolutions, at least not consciously. I've been blessed with the ability to come home from my 8-5 job to be a home maker. (My husband is the greatest!) Slowly I began to start new things like recycling and I've had more time to devote to my family. It wasn't until last week though, ...
  5. its been a month & WOW!!

    Well I have been doing SA for one 1month and I can't believe the savings!!! I love walking out of meijers and looking at the receipt which says I saved $80, $65 etc. I'll have to be honest, the first week I started I felt overwhelmed - but I really wanted to stick this out and prove to myself (& husband) that this could work. And it does!! It's worth it!
    Also this has really made me an enlighteened shopper. Thanks SA


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