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  1. Please join me - Project Brighten Someone's Day!

    The Savings Angel thread regarding the cost of postage going up ( has reminded me of the only New Year's resolution that I have made this year and I'd like to share it with all of you and see if you'll join me:

    I have decided to start a mini campaign: "Project Brighten Someone's Day" by writing letters and sending cards once again to keep in touch with people!

    I've let life, busy-ness and just a ...
  2. Healthy Choice Frozen Yogurt Cups

    A 100 calorie treat from Healthy Choice this new frozen yogurt is divinely rich
    and creamy tasting! It comes in 4 flavors, strawberry,blueberry, raspberry and
    vanilla bean. My favorite is the strawberry!
    There are 3 - 4 oz cups in each package and is given a Weight Watchers
    PointsPlus™ Value of 3. If you are on a weight loss diet, that
    may be an ideal snack or treat but 4 oz for anyone else isn't much. There are no
    artificial flavors and they are made with ...
  3. Summer Club!!

    I'm very excited about this new adventure with Summer Club!!

    And I'm so pleased at how many Angels have added to the discussions, participated in the giveaways and been supportive of one another. It's so fun!

    Just think... we have 2 1/2 more months of excitement...
  4. CVS Round 2

    I was a little dissappointed with my first CVS trip. It just didn't look like things came out the way i planned. I am making another trip today and I think I will be much happier with this trip. I constantly read on SA, almost daily so I am trying to absorb every tip and trick that everyone uses. Fortunately for me, the CVS that I go to has a cashier that is into couponing to and she gives me tips when I come in and doesn't have sercurity watching me when I am just walking around looking at ...
  5. Extreme Couponing

    First let me start with this. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Whew, ok that's a little I love the extreme couponing show don't get me wrong but it is so frustrating at the same time. Making a stockpile, I think that is a great idea. Donating, I think that is a great idea. What's frustrating is when I can't match the savings that these people get when i am in desperate need of those kind of savings. This lady has 3, dedicated coupon computers in her home. I just recently got the ...
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