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When to Say "When" - Weekly Financial Goal for March 2 - 8, 2009

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It is one thing to "write" a budget - a far different thing to actually follow it. A tip that can help:

Know when to say "When"

Most people are not budget-robbed by big choices, but by the accumulation of dozens of little choices. Knowing when you've reached the limits of your budget is critical for staying on track.

Weekly Financial Goal for March 2 - 8, 2009:

Make a List of Situations Where Work is Needed on Your "When"

Here's what I mean...

My family does well with our grocery shopping (thanks to SA). We do well keeping our heat bills lower, we don't spend a lot on clothing... and so forth. Our downfall? Eating out. We love to. We're busy. We're tired. It's easier. It's fun. The reasons (excuses) are endless. But learning when to say "when" is crucial to our budget. And we're still learning.

Make a list this week of areas where you need to say "when" more often. Your list may be short, it may be long - but acknowledging where you're weak makes you stronger.

In Joy - Rachel Underhill - 2009

*Disclaimer: The information provided is intended only for generalized help and direction. It is in no way intended to substitute for personal, professional assistance with your financial plan.
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  1. bjhallas's Avatar
    Wonderful advice. If you can't figure out where the money goes, track it. You'll be surprised.
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