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  1. I love Meijer's Buy 10 for $1 and get the 11th FREE!

    I really love the weeks that Meijer's has their Buy 10 for $1 and get the 11th FREE!
    This week I purchased each item for $1.00 each
    6 cans of Harvest Select Soup (register coupon)
    2 Packages of Meijer Bacon Bits
    1 Bottle of Ranch Dressing
    1 Package of Hamburger Buns
    2 Boxes of Hamburger Helper
    2 Packages of Organic Baby Carrots
    2 Packages of John Morrel Smoked Sausage (manufacturer coupon)
    6 Packages of Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (manufacturer ...
    Tags: coupons, savings


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