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What in the world is Freezer Cooking?

Setting up a freezer class

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Many people are contacting me for information about setting up a class. I would be so thrilled to do this for my fellow angels. So please just feel free to PM me and I will get with you on details.
If you are going to the Monday Holland area gathering I will be heading there after the class I teach in Zeeland. I will share information on how to set up your own class. Bring your calendar and perhaps we can set a date together!
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  1. huey24's Avatar
    jbtimmer....the freezer class definitely sounds interesting! Unfortunately, I can't make the Monday meeting in Holland. I have a PT job and Monday night is a work night for me. Let me know if you were able to come up with leads for a SA group class. I live in Zeeland...thanks!
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  2. rosepeerbolte's Avatar
    Beth, I would also love to attend a class in Zeeland. I will not be at Monday night either, because of work, but I would be very open to having a class at my house for any angels interested in Zeeland and surronding areas. Friday nights and Saturdays are very open for me.
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  3. mamasally1958's Avatar

    Hi I am really interested in this. we have 4 foster children and 2 adult children at home.
    I live in Grand rapids, and would be willing to learn this to help out in this area.

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  4. scooldog's Avatar
    I live in the Rockford, Greenville area and would love to come to a freezer class! Shannon
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