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When life gives you lemons, you make an ode to Steptapper!!!

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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.... Then, when it spills....well....

I got up early this morning and printed out my shopping list, printed, gathered, and clipped the coupons I would need, and double checked to make sure I had everything right. That was the easy part! The hard part came when I went to the store....

Usually when we go to Meijer on Saturday, we go early....before breakfast. But, the past couple times I have found that my two little guys have been quite a bit unruley in the store. I decided to wait until after they had eaten, and had a chance to play for a while before dragging them to the store. Everything started out least until we got there! If it wasn't such a long drive, and gas prices weren't so high, I would have just walked right back out the door and headed home to find a sitter for them while I came back and shopped alone! I had to physically fight my 2 year old to get him into the cart. That is hard considering he is quite large for his age...and strong too! It is all I can do to get him into the cart, let alone make him sit down! But, if he isn't in the cart, I have to run through the store chasing him because he won't stay by me.

I decided today to do something I have never done before. I bought the boys a cup of lemonade to share while we went through the store. I hoped that would keep them somewhat under control. It worked great until we got to the soup isle and I turned my back a bit too long checking out which kinds of soup to get. I heard something hit the floor, and was so proud of myself for having grabbed a stack of napkins with which I started to clean up the lemonade that my two year old had just dropped. It was only a start though! There was still a huge puddle of lemonade and ice cubes on the floor. Another customer stayed by it while I headed to get some paper towels, and to let an employee know that they needed to call for clean-up in isle 9. I came back, sopped up as much more as I could with the paper towel. Still a huge puddle left! I stayed there to warn people of the wet floor while waiting for someone to come and mop it up. Nobody came. I waited...and waited...and warned people...and waited and warned some more. Then, I got on my cell phone and called the store. (I had the phone number on the receipt I got when I bought the lemonade!) When I got through to someone, I explained that there was a desperate urgent need for a clean up in isle 9. She thanked me, and promised to send someone right away. Once again, I waited...and waited...and warned people...and waited and warned some more. Finally, almost 20 minutes after the initial spill, someone showed up! By that time, my boys were even more tired, and cranky, and loud, and ready to get out of there! But I couldn't have just left that puddle on the floor there with no one to warn people that they could slip and fall!

With that little episode out of the way, we continued our shopping. There were only a few items left on my list, so I tried to find them all quickly so we could get out of there. I was down to one item. After a long unsuccesful search, I finally found an employee and asked if he could help me find what I was looking for. He told me he didn't think they had any in stock yet, but should be getting them next week. It wasn't even a sale item, but I had coupons and wanted to try the product out!!!

We went to check out, and by that time my two year old was beyond his ability to behave. He was being loud and obnoxious in the checkout lane. I was trying hard to keep him from yelling and climbing out of the cart. He announced quite loudly that he had peed in his diaper, and then laughed as he told the cashier again that he had peed his diaper. I am sure that was information she really didn't need to know! Then, he kept hollaring about how much he didn't like it there and just wanted to go home. I was so occupied with him that I was not able to watch as my coupons were scanned. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that out of 14 coupons, only 10 had scanned. The ones that didn't were all $1 coupons!

I am thinking what I need to do is to load up some pillows and blankets, and take my boys to Meijer at 2:00AM and let them sleep in one cart on the pillows and under the blanket while I use another to get all my groceries without interuptions, and without having to worry about an elderly person slipping on a puddle of lemonade in isle 9, and when I can actually be able to hand the cashier my coupons one at a time while my children are sound asleep in a shopping cart! And then I am thinking I would need to come home and sanatize those pillows and blanket because who knows just what might be lurking in the shopping carts! "sigh"!!!!!!

So my shopping trip was a frustrating adventure for me today. The good news is, in spite of all the chaos, I still managed a savings total of $46.15. It would have been $50.15 had all my coupons scanned! I spent $75.79. I saved about 60% even though I didn't get credit for all my coupons.

Another thought is maybe next time I will "employ" my little boys to help with my shopping trip. That could make a shopping trip last almost a whole day, but might end the chaos! If we have not just a list of words, but pictures of the products and numbers of how many we need to get, then they could help put stickers on each item as we put them into our cart. And, they can each hand the cashier the at a that we all can watch to see if they scanned right! Wouldn't that just make the cashiers happy having little boys hand them coupons one at a time????

Wait...I think I am on to something!!!! I could make two seperate lists, with scanned pictures from the ad of the items I want to get. Each item has a number of open boxes behind it based on how many we need to get. Then, as we put those items in the cart, we put a sticker in the box. What a great way to teach those little guys how to recognize things, and how to count, and how to fill in a list! Each child could have their own list, and we could go back and forth between the lists. (Like I said, this could make a shopping trip take all day!!!!!) I am thinking this is almost as good as the over the door shoe holder for organizing coupons! (I haven't done that yet because I still haven't found an over the door shoe holder with clear pouches...mostly because I keep forgetting to look for one! And, the baby wipe containers aren't quite big enough for the 5x7 photos, but they should work for the 4x6 photos! Don't worry if you are would have had to have seen that post from about a month or so ago!)

Over the door shoe holder idea...

Anyway, what was a horrible trip to Meijer has now turned into a crazy new idea! How fun!!!! I guess I need to go now to start creating my "blank" shopping sheets for my boys, so that next week we can add in all the items we want to buy, and they can put in the stickers in the boxes!

Thanks for letting me vent, and letting me use this spot to come up with new ideas! I hope I didn't bore anyone! I do tend to ramble! But, I best get busy! Next week is going to be a great shopping week!!!

Take care, and enjoy the Sonshine!

And, thanks to Steptapper for encouraging me to post this in my blog...and for the title and opening line!

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  1. vwierenga's Avatar
    How can those cute little boys be stinkers :1:
    You made me smile, remembering I've been there and it can be so exhausting and you just want to sit an cry...Especially when you are trying to be efficient and really just accomplish something while keeping everyone happy. Your boys remind me of my 2 oldest who are now 13 & 15 and it seems like so long ago they were pulling the same shenanigans. I promise you will smile back some day and think...How did I ever do it? Hang in there girlie!!
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  2. judykpoll's Avatar
    Kudos to you for always staying positive even when life gives you lemons! You always have such a great attitude!
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