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A SavingsAngel Christmas

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I will have a VERY happy family this Christmas thanks to the community members of SavingsAngel. Here is a list of what will be under the tree;

$150 worth of Polly Pockets ($5 off coupon)
I did splurge on some larger sets so my cost was approx $35

Pretty Pretty Princess board game
Monopoly Here and Now
Dora ABC's game
Scrabble Junior
(all $1 each after Hasbro rebate and Amazon deal)

Hungry Hungry Hippos game ($5 after a sale at Target and a $5 gift card received for buying diapers. If I hadn't thrown the receipt away I would have qualified for a Hasbro rebate as well)

(2) Packs of Playdough (free)

Littlest Pet Shop figure (free)

VeggieTales movie ($5 family value at Family Christian)

Playskool games - Romper Stompers (2), Honeybee Hop game, and Zoo Tails Tag game (free for joining Cafemom)

Dora bicycle with training wheels ($39) price matched at Wal-Mart from a Target ad.

A $3 bluetooth headset and a free memory card for the techie husband from and Google checkout. (Thanks Josh! That card fits in our camera and also our digital picture frame)

Free Turtle chocolates from a Walgreens and manufacturer coupon.

.50 Glade scented oil candles after a sale, b1g1f coupon and a $4 off coupon.

2 pair of dress shoes for my husband retailing for $65 each - I paid $20.99 each at the big Footlocker sale.

VistaPrint photo calenders - Free only paid s&h.

I am probably forgetting stuff - but as you can see our tree will not be barren! - All for under $150!!!

Thank you again for posting the deals Angels!
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