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    New Ibotta rebates + $10 bonus for new users!

    You’re busy and you don’t have time to download a separate app for every store where you shop. Instead, use Ibotta to earn cash rebates. Take advantage of these latest and greatest rebates available through Ibotta!

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    3 Ways to Fight Back Against Marketing Gimmicks

    Last week, I shared 10 gimmicks stores use to make you buy more than you planned. Now, it is time to fight back!
    Here are three strategies to help you get the deals without falling for a pseudo-sale.
    1. Start a price book or use a price database READ MORE

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    How to Get Big Drugstore Savings

    If you watch my column, you’ll frequently see me share products for 70% to 100% off at Walgreens, CVS, or RiteAid. There are a series of discounts you should know about if you want to save big money at the drug store chains.

  • The secret to getting groceries for 60%-90% off

    One of my favorite parts of my work is sitting down and talking with women and men who are shopping for their families. I visit with families that shop the sales and seldom buy a product unless it’s on sale. I think that’s great they do this. I also visit with families who use coupons on the products they regularly buy. I think using coupons is great. However, savings “˜magic’ truly comes from applying your very high value coupons on top of your great local sales while taking advantage of all the other savings opportunities that exist. These savings combinations are how we calculate most of the 60%-80% off products each week.

    One of the most surprising things people learn when they start shopping with SavingsAngel is that they can apply more than one coupon or discount on a single product. Although this concept is a bit confusing at first, it helps to understand the different categories of discounts:

    1. Store Sales
    2. Manufacturer Coupons
    3. Store Coupons
    4. Register Rewards / Extra Care Bucks / Catalinas
    5. Manufacturer Rebates
    6. Store Rebates
    7. Other promotions / incentives

    How to “˜stack’ discounts.