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  • Healthy grocery savings with kids children in the supermarket

    Your Child’s Health Starts at the Grocery Store

    Part of being a Savings Angel shopper is making smart choices for your family. While it’s entirely possible to use a coupon and buy junk food for 60-80% off, my philosophy is to find the best deals on the healthiest foods for my family. Additionally, from the money I save on other areas of my grocery bill, such as buying cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and paper products for 60-80% off, I’ve been able to afford more food from the produce section. This has had a very positive effect on my family’s health. Three years ago, I lost over 50 pounds in one year’s time – and I have coupons to thank for my weight loss.

    If you’d like to succeed in getting your family into healthy eating the Savings Angel way, here are five of my biggest tips!