• Hearty Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

    Breakfast for Less

    Breakfast can easily be the least expensive meal of the day. In preparation for back to school, I’d like to share three of my family’s cost-saving morning meals.

  • vegetables / produce isolated on a white background

    Minimizing waste of summer produce

    It is estimated that by the time we peel, separate, skin, and trash iffy produce, we can actually end up throwing away up to 40 percent of our purchases! I’m going to share some great tips to help you use more and waste less.

  • Woman Staying Cool

    Keep it cool

    Keeping it cool using the air conditioning during the summer comes with a hefty price – especially if you have central air. There are ways to help cut air conditioning expenses when you use my 7 favorite tips.

  • Back to School

    Back to school is already starting!

    Ever see those college shirts that say something like, “My son and my money go to . . . you might as well make tee shirts for every school, from elementary on up. Here’s a list of things we see at least once every July or August – and at a fraction of retail prices!

  • technology and connectivity concept: hand holding a 3d generated smartphone with home remote control app app on the screen

    Home security without the high expense

    If you’re away on a regular basis, or are planning an extended getaway, you might be thinking about a home security system. But adding another thing to your budget isn’t in the budget. Are there alternatives?

  • Josh elledge media training how to get on tv and quoted in news for free pr publicity marketing and advertising

    I started a new company:

    Entrepreneurs: Josh Elledge just launched a new website which reveals the step-by-step system for big exposure. TV, radio, digital, & print media want experts. Discover how to become that expert and drive thousands of new customers next month.

  • free term insurance rate calculator

    How to get the lowest price on term life insurance

    Commissioned insurance professionals may tell you otherwise, but among most consumer advocates and personal finance gurus (myself included) the advice is pretty consistent on what type of life insurance to buy. How much should you buy?

  • Supermarket interior and shopping cart with various products

    Summer Stock Up

    With the relaxed pace of summer, it’s tempting to fall into the habit of only buying what you need each week. But doing so overlooks the great stock up buys available throughout June, July and August.

  • ChalkPaint_recipe

    Hacking furniture refinishing

    Chalk painting is all the rage today and it’s a great way to give new life to a tired piece of furniture. Check out these 3 ways to make your own chalk paint.

  • fam_garden

    25 Cheap and FREE Summer Family Activities

    School’s out and it won’t take long before the kids are whining that they are bo-orrred… Fix some of that boredom with fun activities – without spending a lot. Here are 25 of our recommendations.