VIDEO! 8 Questions for a national TV show. How would YOU answer?

Written with love by: Josh Elledge - Chief Executive Angel

I just received 8 questions for a national TV show I’ll be interviewed on. I’m pretty sure I know how I’d answer – but I’d love to know how YOU would answer.


1.What are the most common things people forget to budget for?

2.What are the most common things people are overpaying for?

3.What are people buying that they don’t need?

4. What are common money pitfalls (Starbucks, etc) and how can we avoid them?

5. What are people wasting the most money on?

6. What’s the easiest way to save if you are: busy, creative, lazy, willing to try anything? What we are looking for is to link mom’s personality (lazy) with a cost saving measure (reward card). So answer one for busy, creative, lazy and willing to try anything.

7.How common is it for people to live beyond their means?

8. What are ways to avoid that happening to someone’s family?

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Josh Elledge - Chief Executive Angel

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