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Estroven Nighttime 24 ct 
Retail: $12.99
Sale: $10.00
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SavingsAngel price: FREE
You SAVED $12.99
That’s a savings of 



Lipton Tea Pure Leaf 18.5 oz or Iced or Green 20 oz. Plus deposit where required. 

Retail: $1.99
Sale: $1.00
Use this coupon: $1 (Register Rewards Limit 1)
SavingsAngel price: FREE
You SAVED $1.99
That’s a savings of 



High T Testosterone 30 pk 

Retail: $10.99
Sale: $10.00
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SavingsAngel price: FREE
You SAVED $10.99
That’s a savings of 



Mangodrin Extreme Weight Loss Supplement 30 ct 

Retail: $12.99
Sale: $10.00
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SavingsAngel price: FREE
You SAVED $12.99
That’s a savings of 



Dimetapp 4 oz 

Retail: $6.99
Sale: $4.99
Use this coupon: $2 OR Childrens: $1 (RP 12/9 Limit 4) OR Childrens: $1 (RP Miller 1/6) AND $3 on 2 (Colds ECB Limit 5) (note)

SavingsAngel price: $1.49
You SAVED $5.50
That’s a savings of 




Butterball Ground Turkey 16oz (BOGO)

Winn Dixie
Retail: $3.99
Sale: $1.99
Use this coupon: $1.50
SavingsAngel price: $0.49
You SAVED $3.50
That’s a savings of 



Boca Meatless Burgers, Veggie, Chick n Patties or Ground Crumbles 10 or 12 oz pkg. Assorted varieties.(BOGO)

Retail: $3.95
Sale: $1.75
Use this coupon: $1 on 2 (SS Box Tops 1/6)
SavingsAngel price: $1.25
You SAVED $2.70
That’s a savings of 



Maries Refrigerated Dressings 12 oz (BOGO)

Retail: $4.00
Sale: $2.00
Use this coupon: $1 sign up and check email
SavingsAngel price: $1.00
You SAVED $3.00
That’s a savings of 



Pedigree Dentastix Snack Food For Dogs or Jumbone 5-7.05 oz pkg. Assorted varieties. (BOGO)

Retail: $3.59
Sale: $1.80
Use this coupon: Dentastix: $1
SavingsAngel price: $0.80
You SAVED $2.79
That’s a savings of 



Listerine Mouthwash 1 liter bottle. Assorted varieties. 

Retail: $4.99
Sale: $3.99
Use this coupon: Antiseptic, Total Care Zero, Total Care, Total Care Plus Whitening or Zero: $1 OR UltraClean: $1 (Limit 4) OR $2 OR $1 OR $1 (SS Healthy Essentials 1/6 Limit 1) OR $1 AND $1 (Mnthly HBC 12/29-01/18)
SavingsAngel price: $0.99
You SAVED $4.00
That’s a savings of 



Muellers Pasta 8-16 oz (Excluding Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, and noodles) (BOGO)

Retail: $1.59
Sale: $0.89
Use this coupon: $1 on 2 (SS Box Tops 1/6 Limit 1)
SavingsAngel price: $0.39
You SAVED $1.20
That’s a savings of 



This should be your total cost for this shopping trip: $6.41
(Not including any applicable taxes and money due from store incentives or rebates)
Which means you saved a total of $61.65!
That’s a 91% Savings!



We watch the following stores for you each week – helping you find the most ‘extreme’ couponing deals in Central Florida…

Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walgreens, Super Target, Walmart, Aldi, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Kmart!

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