More Dads are in the Grocery Store with Coupons in Hand

If the “˜man of the house’ in your home isn’t currently the primary grocery shopper, he may well soon be if trends continue – and don’t be surprised if it’s the ease and savings associated with coupons which lead him there.

A revealing new study by Cone Communications emphasizes the changes in grocery shopping trends which we’ve been seeing at our website, According to the study, 52 percent of dads now saying they are the primary grocery shopper in the household. What’s interesting is we’re seeing a debunking of the stereotype that a man would just rush in and grab whatever they thought looked good. These men are putting just as much, if not more, planning into the process.

According to Cone, before heading to the supermarket, dads say they:

  • Create a detailed shopping list ““ 63% (vs. 65% of moms)
  • Collect coupons or read circulars ““ 56% (vs. 62% of moms)
  • Plan meals for the week ahead of time ““ 52% (vs. 46% of moms)
  • Perform background research on grocery products ““ 24% (vs. 11% of moms)

More men have also figured out that effectively using coupons means regularly getting groceries for 50%-70% off and that’s a compelling enough reason to get them behind the cart.

The study states that, “when making purchasing decisions on the spot in-store, coupons play an important role in tipping the scales in favor of one product versus another. After price and quality, dads say the number one purchase influence is a coupon (37%), stronger even than product benefits (20%) or brand name (14%). Moms are no different when it comes to purchase influences and information sources. They too are heavily swayed by coupons (44%) and are especially attuned to in-store promotions (69%) and traditional media (49%).”

Harris Interactive recently conducted a study among online shoppers that indicated that 87 percent of men and 93 percent of women have used coupons for grocery purchases. A full third of the respondents use coupon websites to find deals. Among coupon websites we index, one site reports that a full 40% of their users are men.

Over the past five and a half years, we’ve consistently seen more men using to save money. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a growing number of these savings-savvy male shoppers to find out what drew them to taking on this household task.

Joe Yskes is a stay-at-home dad in Holland, MI who has a household to feed. “Having 5 children, I need to save money on everything — anyway I can. It is nice to stock up on essentials so I can teach the kids to cook instead of eating prepared/fast foods.” Being so busy, he relies on to save time looking through his Sunday coupons.

Tiffany Rhine from Fowlerville, MI shared that once her husband saw how much money they were able to save their first year of, he saw the rewards and got involved in the action.

Monica Nelson‘s husband, Ray, serves in the U.S. military and does the shopping and cooking. After using, he got “2 very full buggies and saved 50% (including 10 bags of cat litter for .50 cents each), he became a believer! He even remembers to ask for his military discount, too!”

The reasons are plentiful for men taking on the task. Personally, I got so hooked after my first money-saving trip, that I couldn’t imagine ever giving up the fun of getting so many products for pennies on the dollar! My dear wife will tell you that she’s happy to oblige in not ending my joy.

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